Family Photos 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Every winter we get our family photos taken and turn one into a canvas for the wall and use another for our Christmas card. Here are our 2016 family photos! We opted for indoors since it is soooooo cold this year already - 18 degrees for the past few weeks no thank you very much :)
 photo Evans--2.jpg
These are their "SMILE!" smiles hahaha!
 photo Evans-3844.jpg
Every permutation.
 photo Favorite Family Pics 20163.jpg
Handsome fella.
 photo Favorite Family Pics 20161.jpg
We are both way too critical of ourselves and can only see the flaws - here's to New Year Resolutions!!
 photo Evans-3956.jpg
So much personality bundled up in these two little bodies!
 photo Favorite Family Pics 20162.jpg
Words can't express how much I love this family of ours!
 photo Evans-3778.jpg
Darling Jane.
 photo Evans-4337_1.jpg
Loving this yearly tradition and you can bet these pics are already at the printers and I'm anxiously awaiting to add them to my December Daily!


  1. Jane = Chandler Bing in that first photo of just the two kids! I love it!

  2. LOL to Chris's comment! Chandler Bing ... love it!!!! I loveeeeeeeee these!!! I think my fave is that last family one, where you are looking at Jane, and Chris is looking at Fox!!!

  3. you are a beautiful family!! have a wonderful christmas season! :)

  4. I can't wait for my Christmas card! :) I miss you!

  5. that is so so sweet! i love pro photos when it is all of us ... makes me feel even more grateful for what i have! lovely family you are!

  6. These pictures are gorgeous and I love your dress!

  7. Fabulous photos! Love the set, colors and funny faces. What a lovely family.

  8. These photos are so great! You have a beautiful family :)


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