Memo Board by Steffi Ried

Friday, February 3, 2017

Steffi Ried also made a super cute and functional memo board to keep track of lists, house small embellishments, and is simply adorable to look at!
The Oh My Heart collection fits perfectly with my memo board. I created a board with pockets. Tickets, vouchers, recipes, pens, etc can be attached here. Also the cute notepad from the current collection finds a place in the board. A great decoration for your kitchen, craft space, or as a gift for family & friends. I'll show you how I created the board with some photos! photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_.jpg
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_Detail1.jpg
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_Detail2.jpg
The Epoxy Paper Clips from the Take Me Away collection also fit perfectly on the board.
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_Detail3.jpg
First I gathered the supplies. This included a photo frame (I used 7x9.5"), papers, stickers, embellishments, paperclips, scissors, and double-sided glue tape.
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_Tutorial_1.jpg
Then I dismantled the frame. The back serves as a template for my papers. There are three pockets so first I cut the paper for the back wall and then the three papers somewhat smaller.
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_Tutorial_2.jpg
For the edge of the pocket to be more stable, I folded over a 1.5" edge on the upper side of the pocket.
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_Tutorial_3.jpg 
You can now glue or sew the edge, whichever you prefer.
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_Tutorial_4.jpg
Then the papers were glued with double-sided adhesive tape. I glued the middle bag with dimensional adhesive so in this pocket is more space for larger things such as pens, brushes, etc.
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_Tutorial_5.jpg
Now the back wall with the papers is fixed again in the photo frame. Finally, the frame is decorated with stickers, embellishments, paperclips, brushes.
 photo SteffiRied_Memoboard_9x9_Insta.jpg
I hope you like my project and want to create a memo board too! Thanks for stopping by!
 photo Stefanie Ried.jpg
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I would love to hang something like this in my crafty space wouldn't you?!


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