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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today I'd like to give you a glimpse into my craft room - aka my happy scrappy place! And it's not so much a "room" as it is basically "the entire house" ;)
Click to enlarge so you can see exactly what's what:
Almost everything I use to craft is stored in a white IKEA Kallax unit in colorful IKEA boxes, bins, baskets, and drawers. These shelves below are also from IKEA. This little section of the wall above our kitchen table has had many purposes over the course of our 3.5 years here in Germany. First it held a magnet frame, then it was a space to hang projects, then this past October I wanted a place to display Halloween things like I would on a fireplace mantle (which we don't have) and I saw a set up on Pinterest that sparked the idea of getting these three shelves. So now I rotate holiday decor and scrapbook projects on these shelves. I don't really decorate for any holidays after Christmas and before October, so January through September it will look like this (except we're moving in June... so who knows what it'll look like next!):

Not only is my scrap stuff taking over the first floor, in the basement I also have all of my cardstock in 6 big wire shelves. I worked in-house at American Crafts from 2008-2009 while Chris finished up at BYU and before I left I bought 50 of every color of cardstock. I've had to replenish a few colors over the years, but I still have most of them and it's great to have a rainbow of colors to choose from. Yet why do I always pick the same 3 colors for backgrounds?!? Hahaha!

 Also in the basement is where I keep surplus scrapbooking supplies, kits and product for upcoming classes, bookbinding things, photography props, "flea market" items, and more, all in big plastic bins.

This mint IKEA Fabrikor cabinet filled with scrapbooks below used to be a prominent feature at the base of the stairs, but then I needed to get another one because I filled this one up. They don't make the mint anymore so I got a cream one - I want to paint it pink!
My scrapbooks now frame the TV stand and a floral painted German cabinet took the original spot. Above the TV is a garland I made for a class I taught at Studio Calico a few years ago. Say hello to Rachel the cat!

When I create pages I bring what I need to the kitchen table and make a ginormous mess. I usually scrap with one collection or kit at a time. Since I'm currently mostly using my Oh My Heart collection I have it stored in an acrylic organizer that stays permanently at the end of the table (see below) so I can easily access it and don't have to clean up after myself too much.

I tape all of my layouts up on the wall above my computer so I can admire them for a few weeks before they go onto a shelf waiting for about a year before I carve out the time to file them away chronologically in their right scrapbooks. There are 35 layouts taped up at a time and once it's filled I take them all down and start fresh!

On top of the closet on the main floor I keep 1 of every single thing from each of my scrapbooking collections with Pink Paislee in its own basket or box or organizer. No touchy!! :)

When I need to film something, which has been more often than not lately because I'm trying to post more to YouTube, I bring out my Cowboy Studio lights and tripod and set up shop on the kitchen table. There are quite a few windows on the main floor that let in a lot of natural light and is great for photographing layouts. But when the days are short and dark during the winter I need the help of studio lights. There have been times where I've needed to film all week long so we've had to eat in random places. My family really is amazing for putting up with me!

Now let's take a virtual tour through all of this fun stuff!

I'd just like to take a minute to say how grateful I am for a husband who supports me in ALL of this - the numerous weekends every year I'm gone teaching, the late-night meetings because of the time difference so he has to take the kids somewhere, the stress I take out on him for no reason when shipping fiascos ensue... I'm sure I'm not easy to deal with sometimes! So thank you to Chris - it's because of him that all of my dreams can come true in more ways than one!

I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek into my craft space! I'd love to see yours too!


  1. I love love love your space!!! So bright and colorful!!! And YAY! for great hubby's like Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fabulous and phenomenally colorful! Love it! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your "craft room" with us. It's wonderful to see (and dream about) the lovely, professionally designed dedicated craft spaces with custom cabinetry and granite counters, but most of us will never be able to live in that world. The majority live in much smaller spaces and "make do". Thanks for showing us that one doesn't need an exclusive space to create your amazing scrapbook pages!

    Thank you, Paige!

    Signed- another member of the Kitchen Table Scrappers Club :D

  4. Thanks for the video, it has some great ideas! I just purchased the IKEA shelves at Christmas and have yet to set them up. Your video has inspired me to get going. I love that you display pages on the wall! Can you tell me where you got the clear stadium style organizer under your Halloween shelves please? I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your work and photos of Europe and Germany! Keep blogging please!

  5. Beautiful and so inspirational... Thank you for sharing!


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