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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The queen of mini albums (Stefanie Ried!) is back today to share a cute little book with a masculine theme - this week I want to share how my collections, even with lots of pinks and florals, can be used to create pages and projects about the guys in our lives by using certain papers and embellishments - with the occasional flower and pink thrown in there ;)!
I have a lot of mini books about my daughter, our family trips, etc. Why not make an album for my husband? He was equally enthusiastic when I told him this. He immediately told me that he wanted to have a lot of blue and absolutely metal book rings. Just typical male, right? First I chose the papers. I used many papers from the collections Take Me Away and Fancy Free. A lot of blue, turquoise, and white. These fit perfectly with the pictures. Next, I selected the matching stickers, chipboards, stamps, and more, and put them into a bowl. It was great fun to play with other colors. My husband was very happy about "his" album :)
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_.jpg
For the cover I wanted to create layering with different papers. I painted white cardstock with watercolors. After that I cut the title with a Silhouette Cameo. Then came the must-have metal rings.
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_2.jpg
For the inside pages, I created a pocket for each side. Now I can use more photos for my mini. On the first page I created a small pocket. For this I used Paper 04 with the dots from the Oh My Heart collection.
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_1_1_1.jpg
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_1.jpg
On the next page I made a pocket with an opening at the top. Another photo and journaling are hidden in it. The Wood Veneer Shapes from Take Me Away fit perfectly into the album. On the left side, I even added a flower Puffy Sticker. A little bit of pink color and flowers also fit into a male album, right?!
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_2.jpg
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_2_1.jpg
On the large photo on the right I used the glasses stamp from Oh My Heart. I LOVE the stamps. Additionally, you can open the left side. There is another photo behind it.
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_3.jpg
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_3_1.jpg
Here again my watercolors were used for the background. The Buttons are one of my favorites from the Fancy Free. To make it appear that the buttons were attached to the paper, I sewed thread through the holes with a needle.
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_4.jpg
From a tag of a newly bought jeans I sewed the pocket. I like to put fabrics in my albums. There are more pictures of our vacation trips in the pocket.
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_4_1.jpg
The last double side is kept very simple because the patterned paper is very dominant. Also I like this combination with the photo.
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_Page_5.jpg
Thank you for looking! I was quite surprised how great the Paige Evans collections are for "boys" projects! I love it!!
 photo SteffiRied Minialbum YouAreMyHome_1_1.jpg
 photo Stefanie Ried.jpg
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Every time I see a mini album by Steffi it makes me want to make one too! How 'bout you?!

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