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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Back in May we went with Fox and all the other Kindergarten classes to Playmobil FunPark in Nuremberg. I'm kinda sad we had never gone before because it was AWESOME!
I spy Fox and Jane.
There are like 20 different huge play areas and we ran around from one after another trying to find our favorite.
While I wasn't looking Chris grabbed the kids and took them on a sketchy wooden raft - I would have said heck-to-the-no if I had seen him doing that! (Mean mom ;) But Fox and Jane are drawn to water like moths to the flame, I was so sure they were going to fall in! Luckily they didn't... phew!
Indiana Jones-esque.
Castle with lots of levels and things to climb. One thing about Germany we have noticed and appreciated: there is little-to-no supervision at places like this. They just expect parents to watch their children and discipline themselves. Water everywhere, rock climbing things two and three stories high, rafts on the water with no life guards... just like the autobahn where you can go whatever speed you want, you are basically expected to be responsible.
A huge bouncing contraption!
Then there is a big building in the center with dozens of themed areas where all the Playmobil toys ever made are piled all around - heaven for kids of all ages! I mean, look at the smile on Fox!
My favorite was the princess land :)
Sweet Jane having the time of her life.
Back in the day when Fox and Jane were babies and home all day, this would have been the perfect place to bring them to keep them entertained for hours on end!
Recap of the day!
Maybe by some miracle we'll get to go back one more time before we're outta here in 9 days! Down to single digits people!

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  1. hope you get out there one more time! What a fabulous time.


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