Sunday, July 23, 2017

We took a quick trip into Seattle yesterday! The weather has been immaculate since we arrived nearly two weeks ago, I hope it stays this way forever :) I love the rain too though so it's a perfect place to be.
Old red brick buildings and skyscrapers.
First stop: lunch at Mae Phim. My dad discovered this place when he worked for Adobe in downtown Seattle. It's a hole-in-the-wall which almost always equals delicious.
Without fail I always get #14, the Mae Phim special. It's some kind of curry with chicken, cashews, peppers, onions, and carrots, served over white rice.
"Fox Friday" (even though it was Saturday?). Jane hugging animal statues. It's what she does.
Love all the greenery in such an urban setting.
After lunch we huffed it to Pike Place Market. It was too crowded to bother walking around inside, so we took an obligatory family selfie and then went just around the corner to...
The Gum Wall.
Equal parts nasty and awesome. I mean, on the one hand, eeeeew! But on the other, I actually really love all those colors!!
Floating staircase.
Then we walked down to the waterfront. This ferris wheel was only built in 2012 so we have yet to ride on it. Another adventure for another day!
The kids in various places.

I got my much needed dose of flowers!
Strike a pose Jane.
Crossing the I90 floating bridge to get back to faux-home.
We stopped at Yogurtland on the way back and loaded up on fruity flavors of ice cream topped with fresh fruit and yogurt chips. Perfect way to end a fun morning!

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  1. Looks like a great day!!! LOVE all the photos!!! And that gum wall .. cool but gross! LOL!! We are debating going there or Frisco for our 10th anniversary next year! I have to do research, and then present the pros/cons for each place before the final vote! LOL!!!!


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