Collage PDX

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Over the years I have seen many-a scrapbooker and planner girl share photos of the most amazing washi tape wall at a store called Collage in Portland. Since we were driving right through Portland on our way down to Salem for the annual Evans Family Reunion we took a little detour to check it out!

The area around Alberta street is so hip and trendy! I wish we could have spent a few more hours 'splorin'.
 Once inside you are immediately drawn in to see all of stamps, markers, craft making supplies, art supplies, and SO.MUCH.MORE. Honestly my version of heaven on earth!
 I even found lots of Oh My Heart papers on the racks! Still surreal every time this happens.
Basket o' baker's twine.
An entire corner dedicated to trendy unicorns! Jane loved it. 
 Every nook and cranny had something worth looking at and worth buying. I wish money grew on trees ;) Oh how I love and miss the abundance of local scrapbook stores! So I hope Collage sticks around for a very very very long time.
One last look at the epic Great Wall of Washi!
If you're ever in Portland, do stop by the Collage on Alberta Street. There are a few different locations but this is the one with THE wall of washi tape :)


  1. Oh how I miss by old LSS! This place looks amazing hope I get to Portland some day!

  2. What a great feature - so Paige, did you add to your Washi collection?

  3. How awesome is that store?!?!?!? LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


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