Lunch at Google

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My dad has worked at Google for 11 years or so (and before that he worked at Microsoft, and Adobe, and Apple, and Taligent - computer nerd alert :) - love you dad!). Every time we visit my parents we add "lunch with dad" to the bucketlist. It had been four long years since our last visit and we were excited to see all the big changes at his office!

When my dad first started working at the Kirkland campus there were only 300 employees - now there are well over 1000! Apparently parking can be a nightmare but we found an open guest spot easy peasy and checked into reception.
There are a few different cafeterias to choose from for lunch (or breakfast, or dinner - they have food available 'round the clock!) and we opted for the same place we always go for ease and comfort. Why change a good thing?! We got some sandwiches and tots and chose from a wide selection of beverages. All complimentary, thanks Google!

Campus is right! It really does feel like a college! From a volleyball court, soccer field, and gym to a doggie playground, in-house doctor, and masseuse, you really never have to leave! "Nobody ever goes in. Nobody ever goes out." lol. Do they need an in-house dentist?!
After lunch my dad showed us around and pointed out all the new things - my favorite feature is the pretty floral garden rooftop terraces with beautiful views of the Kirkland waterfront.
There's even a nice playground with a zipline that Fox and Jane played on for awhile before we gave up from the heat. #longestheatwaveinhistory... I didn't get any pictures inside - no photos allowed. 
If you ever get a chance to visit a Google campus, I highly recommend it!
Always fun to visit you at work Dald!

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  1. Soooooo awesome! I love their campus!!! But ... can you Google on where to find a parking spot?!!? LOL! :)


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