Dinner Date to Nuremberg

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Even though we've lived back in the states for over a month, I still have a few things I want to blog from before - like our dinner date to Nuremberg! We went on pretty much this exact same date two years ago and loved it so much it was worth repeating. We parked the car and then walked to the cutest street of them all: Weissgerbergasse!
For dinner we ate a very traditional German meal of mini Nürnberger brats, mustard in a cute jar for our soft pretzels, yummy potato salad, sprite and coke (with no ice, oh Europe, lol) and topped it all off with a delicious apple strudel.
Then just like last time we walked up to the Nuremberg castle to take in the views. Oh my heart just aches because I miss it so!
Next we headed into the altstadt to walk around the main squares.

Do you see what I see?! A PINK house!
More details from our stroll around town.
Not a day goes by that I don't think about our time in Germany! Sorry to be a broken record.
We need to find a new babysitter stat so we can keep going on fun dates and rekindle our love :)


  1. What a great date!!! I don't think I could live without ice in my soda! LOL!! And sign me up for that pink house! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great pics. I've always enjoyed the pics of your travels! Thank for sharing them with us. Hugs, Jessica


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