August 2018 Highlights

Saturday, September 1, 2018

August was all about unpacking and making our house a home.
Our belongings were supposed to be delivered later in the month so we spent the first few weeks as homeowners painting. First room: my scrap room of course! I painted it Summer House by Behr. It's a beautiful mint.
Next, I painted Jane's room two shades of pink. The chair rail was already that raspberry pink.
And last but not least I painted Fox's room two shades of blue. 
We spent a lot of time swimming in Nana's hot tub.

Unpacking took ages. The movers dumped everything out of all my neatly organized bins and boxes and threw them into bigger boxes and packed my then empty bins and boxes separately. It was really frustrating and maddening to me why anyone would unorganize everything that was so perfectly organized, but what's done is done and even though it took five times longer than it has from our previous moves to unpack, I got 'er done! Phew!
The kids had a super short summer break - they got out mid-June and went back August 10th. Jane started 1st grade and Fox started 2nd grade.
Cutest unicorn I ever did see!
I finally got my scrap room all set up! So happy to be back to crafting again!
Snuggle time is the best time.

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