Color Pour

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Have you seen the new Color Pour line by American Crafts available at JoAnn?! I got my hands on some of the products and went to town creating a one-of-a-kind canvas to add to a wall in my happy scrappy place!
I couldn't pick just one or two colors, I had to go with eight :)
I poured my selected paints into eight little plastic cups and then squirted a few drops of Cell Magic into each cup.
There are popsicle sticks included in one of the Color Pour kits which I used to stir around the Cell Magic in each cup.
Then I poured the paints into two larger cups.
I put the four warmer colors in one cup and the four cooler colors in the other.

Then I poured the warm colored paints on the left side of a long canvas and...
...poured the cool colors on the right side.
Next I wiggled the canvas around and let the paint droop over the sides. I love the marble effect!
It does get a bit messy so be sure to put down a drop cloth - this plastic one was also included in a kit.
When there is an option to add gold, always add gold!
I love the bits of sparkle & shine the gold flakes add!
Then I let the canvas sit out to dry for the rest of the day and overnight. When I woke up this morning it was ready to go!
Just a note that the darker pink turned red when it dried so I would have picked a different pink if I could do this over again. And there definitely will be a next time!
Ready to hang!
I put my Color Pour canvas in a corner of my happy scrappy place to stare at and admire all the colors.


  1. This color pouring is
    so fun and love the
    colors of yours.
    Carla from Utah

  2. Holy SMOKES!!! That is AMAZING! I am completely and totally in LOVE!! WOW!!!! Will have to check these out!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is so cool! I just love how yours turned out. I definitely want to try this :)


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