February 2019 Highlights

Friday, March 1, 2019

Another month has come and gone - here is what our family has been up to and some of my side projects!
Side project 1: I made these books using the WeR Bookbinding tool for an upcoming somethin' somethin'! :)
 With Valentine's in February, I designed these free conversation heart cut files for my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook group and when my sister saw the pic of them she requested I cut her some for her fireplace. You betcha Allie!
 Twice a year dads are officially invited to each lunch with their kids and then buy some baked goods. I tried to find out the lunch times early enough in advance so Chris could request the time off but alas, I only heard back two days before and the dental office books out way in advance, so I went and ate lunch with Jane and then Fox and it was a blast to hang with them!

Goof ball.
 Some times I take the kids to PetCo or Petsmart just to look at the pets and have to resist so much temptation to buy all the animals.
 What are Saturdays without Cafe Rio?!
 Even with the snow, it was actually almost 60 degrees this day so we took the kids to a park we hadn't been to before.
 Every first Saturday of the month at Home Depot (note to self, that's this Saturday!) they offer a free kids' craft! So we got two kits to go and Chris helped them paint and assemble these fun wooden Valentine's Day boxes.
 Super Bowl Sunday at Tom & Margi's house. So.Much.Food! So much fun.
 My mini album basket is almost full! I found a 5 tiered basket thing at Costco which I plan to spray paint this summer so I can keep making and storing more minis!
On February 9th I wrote a Facebook post about my current journey to getting healthy. 5.7 pounds until I reach my goal of 130! I haven't been at that weight since after working hard to lose weight after Jane was born back in 2012. Click on that above link to see how I'm doing it without stepping foot in a legit gym! #notsponsored :)
A virus went around the school and of the 19 kids in Jane's class, 7 were down for the count! So Janey girl ran some errands with me while she got over the bug.
 Ice cream in bed with dad watching shows makes everything better.
 I did an instagram campaign for Caboodles!
 My nephew is adorable.
 So is my niece. And to all my other nieces and nephews, I promise I love you and think you're cute too!!
 Valentine's Day sugar high!
 Zsoka shared this and I love it. It really resonates with me. Numbers drive me CRAZY sometimes! Need to not worry about it.
Amid the 16 degree days we've had some 60 degree days which we take full advantage of by walking to the school playground.
 The third Saturday in February we took the kids to Casa Bonita in Denver. I've been once before, when I was 19 years old and visiting Chris when we were dating. It was such a trip to look back through my "vintage" scrapbooks and see the memories! We were babies! Now we have babies!
Us in 2019 at Casa Bonita.
Us in 2004 at Casa Bonita. WOW, 15 years later?! That's insane! Also, please admire my mad scrapbooking skillz ;)
 The kids had a total blast and if they're having fun, we have fun. The cliff divers were entertaining to watch. But really, I came for the sopapillas. Mmmmmm. What diet?! :)

When we walked inside Casa Bonita it was a sunshiney beautiful day. When we walked out it was snowing! I loved this pink wall with vines and the Italian feel so Chris snapped a pic of me. Thanks babe!
Old Town Dental is being named in the 5280 Magazine as TOP DENTISTS for 2019! I took a new pic of Chris, Shawn, and Mike for the feature.

Speaking of Old Town Dental, probably the most exciting news of the month is Chris officially bought into the practice! He's now 1/3 part owner! If you need fillings, cleanings, even botox and lip fillers, Chris is your guy!
 Later that day we took the kids to go swimming at one of the four rec centers by us for the first time. The kids absolutely loved it and so did we because again, when they have fun, we have fun!

We were famished after swimming so without even going home to dry off we went to Cafe Rio for lunch. It's a Saturday tradition!
 This is our first winter here in Colorado and in this home so it's been fun to see the changing seasons and how the views pop up now that the trees are leafless. Hello Rocky Mountains!
 Joey is alive and well :)
 Yesterday, the last day of February, I woke up and the walls were pink so I looked out the window and there was a beautiful sunrise right before my eyes. WOW!
 February was a great month! Excited to see what's in store for March!


  1. What an amazing month you all had!!!!!!!! If you are like me (cause I know you love PINK as much as me!!!) -- February is my fave month, because of all the pink goodies the stores sell during that month!! I have to SCALE it back big time not to buy everything in sight! LOL!! And HUGE CONGRATS on working on your goal!! SO proud of you!!! I love how you store your minis!!! I bought an entertainment console from IKEA for mine! :)

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous month! I used to live in Colorado Springs when I was a kid once upon a time.... and I LOVED going to Casa Bonita. My grandparents still live in Monument so I'm hoping to go back someday soon to visit and hopefully be able to take my kids to the restaurant so they can enjoy it too. It's worth it just for the sopapillas!!

  3. P.S. I LOOOVE the chair that Joey is in. Gotta find me one of those! :)


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