Viva Las Vegas!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

We just got back from a super fun-filled 4 days visiting my sister and her cute family in Henderson. The kids are on spring break so naturally we headed south for the winter. The Bomb Cyclone last Wednesday scared me so bad we hid in the basement the entire day - get me out of this winter weather already! Vegas was the perfect escape. Here's a recap of our trip:
 We woke up at 4am, got ready, finished packing, and were out the door on the way to the airport at 4:45am. We saw some dude out for his morning jog and he almost slipped on all the snow and ice when we approached the intersection, luckily he didn't and kept on running. But who runs in 18 degrees at 4:45am?! No really, I want to know! Holy dedicated! The kids were sleepy but total troupers. They carried their own little suitcases all the way from the car to the check-in counter.
We got through security without a hitch, found our gate, then I got the kids a chocolate cupcake and blueberry muffin for breakfast.
We boarded, got de-iced, and took off on time. A short hour and a half later we landed in Vegas. From 18 degrees to almost 80 degrees! I'll take it!
We found our bags, took the shuttle to the car rental lot, picked up our Utah plated minivan (with our California driver's licenses, Colorado residents, driving in Nevada haha), and drove to Allie's house. She was there to greet us with yummy donuts and we got settled in her magazine-worthy home.
Shortly thereafter we headed down to the strip to visit M&M World.
Four floors of things for sale, everything was so colorful, and the kids enjoyed it. Like I always say, when they have fun, we have fun. The short 10 minute 3D movie was somethin'!
Then we hopped in the van again and drove down the street. It's always a good time for flossing!
 We walked straight to the Sprinkles cupcake ATM but it was closed for restocking, HA! So we just got cupcakes inside and pretended they were dispensed from the ATM :)
It was fun to walk around and be in the Vegas ambiance.
We dropped off Miss Drizzle and Tate then ate lunch at delicious Cafe Rio. It was Saturday after all! Back at Allie's we took some naps to get recharged. This little girl was always stealing my slippers haha.
Then we drove to The District for some shopping. Allie works at Anthro and I was excited to use her discount :)
For dinner we went to Shake Shack. So yummy. Thanks Mom!
The kids were sooooooo tired.
When we put the kids in the bath, Daisy jumped in too fully clothed hehe. She was having the time of her life with  her cousins.
After we put the kids to bed we watched a documentary called Free Solo. So good but that dude is seriously cray cray!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! We woke up early and got dressed then drove to the Seven Magic Mountains installation - huge stacked & neon painted rocks that everyone grams when they visit Vegas so I had to too :) It was really cool and I'm glad I got to see it with my own two eyes. 
Back at Allie's we hung out outside and soaked in the warmth & sunshine.
We went to Target for a few groceries and Yogurtland for a treat.
We spent the early afternoon at Tate's parent's house and the kids had a total blast hopping from the hot tub to the pool and back. We ate a big family dinner which was delish.
We got the kids ready for bed then Tiff (Tate's mom) came over to babysit. We drove down to the T-Mobile Arena to watch the Las Vegas Knights play the Edmonton Oilers.
It was INSANE! So much energy! So loud! So fun! The game was awesome to watch and we won 6 to 3. This may have been the highlight of our whole trip!
The kids woke up in giggling fits, it was really cute. We ate toast and eggs and cereal for breakfast then everyone except Tate who was working drove to a little park by The District. The kids had so much fun and we just loved how warm it was outside.
We stayed for about an hour and then made a pitstop at Fiiz and got everyone some sodas.
Back at Allie's we took much needed naps. Chris took the kids to El Pollo Loco to get lunch and brought us back some. We hung out all afternoon, watching a baking show on TV. Mochi took a cat nap on my belly.
Around 4:30pm we headed down to The Strip. We stopped at the Excalibur to see if they had tickets for the Tournament of Kings that night but they were all sold out. Fox was mad we "wasted 14 minutes for nothing!" hahaha but we enjoyed seeing the inside of the hotel. Sensation overload!
We hopped back in the car and drove to the Bellagio. We checked out the beautiful botanical garden which was themed like a Japanese garden. 
Jane was trippin' over this pegasus display.
Saw the iconic and colorful Chihuly glass ceiling. 
Watched the fountain show out front. To quote Jane, "Now THAT'S what I was expecting!" LOL.
Then we walked across the street to the mall and got Tollhouse cookies 
We found a $7 magnet since we couldn't find any stores but then literally two shops down was an entire magnet store where they were $2 each. That happens to us all the time I swear!
We walked to Caesar's Palace to see the fancy interior and high end shops.
We kept telling Fox not to look down at the ground. He was glad when we left so he "didn't have to see butts anymore." Oh geez haha.
On the way home we picked up Thai food to go - it was delicious! We put the kids to bed and then watched A Simple Favor, one of my favorites.

Allie & Daisy & I purchased tickets to the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room exhibit at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. We drove down to the strip, parked, and walked around a bit before the exhibit opened at 10. 
We each had 45 seconds to take pics galore. It was so super cool!! 
The other half of the installation was these cool reflective ball things.
Meanwhile Chris took Fox & Jane to the same park as the day before and they played. Back at home we packed up and cleaned up and then chilled. Daisy went down for a nap and our fam walked up the street to the gas station for some treats.
We ate leftover Thai food for lunch and colored for awhile. We headed out at 3pm, dropped off the rental car, took the shuttle to the airport, and got through security in no time. We saw a Popeyes and the kids were stoked so we got them some fries. Bye bye Las Vegas!

Hello again Denver! This flight was only an hour and 17 minutes! So Allie, we need to hang out a LOT more now that we live close by :)

We loved making so many memories in Vegas and hope to be back soon!

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  1. So fun!! One of our fave places to visit too!!!! I am ALWAYS in trouble at the M&M store ... LOL ... I always buy the PINK M&M's from the wall! LOL!! My hubby is like, 'ummmm they are $13 a pound, I can buy you a bag at the store for like $3!' .. and I am like .... 'ummmmmm they aren't PINK!' HA!!! And did you notice the Shake Shack's tables are recycled bowling alley lane wood? :) We LOVE to eat there!! Oy ... sorry, I am blabbing about food only!! I love love love the photos!! The Bellagio's garden are always my happy place!!! I love those flower displays they do!!!!


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