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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Hey, guys! It’s Jamie Pate. Today’s layout is a winter’s tale. March is the month of spring. I know that! But here in the Rockies the first day of spring actually marks three more months of winter for us. Don’t YOU want to live here? So while I am eager to pull out the butterflies and florals, I am still telling stories from our cold season. This is me embracing our chilly reality.
The story told here with Paige’s Snowflake Border cut filePick-Me-Up papers goes back to the first of the year. A crazy, crazy time in our household. All my kids were home so I grabbed my girls and we headed to a local trail to grab a couple of photos. This layout is all about that super quick jaunt out in the cold. But I cherish this picture just the same with my three most favoritist of girls. Keeping with my tradition of scrapbook spreads and story telling, I wanted to keep this page pretty clean. I loved the blue ombre background of Paper 14. I cut a strip of that paper about 5-inches wide to scale the full height of the page. It was a great hue for the cool tones of the photo.
To embellish, I wanted snowflakes clustered here and there on the page. Using Paige’s Snowflake Border, I had the Silhouette Cameo cut two sets of this cut at two different sizes. This gave me just a bunch of snowflakes in a variety of patterns to work onto my page. I chose American Crafts white cardstock cause that texture always adds an additional element of texture that I love my pages to have. While the snowflakes were still on the cutting mat I splattered them with gold paint as well as light hues of blue tones of Color Shine. I kept it subtle as I did not want a lot of color to compete with the blue ombre of the background strip of paper.
The snowflakes were adhered to the page with hot glue. Cause as you know with me, have hot glue will craft. This allows the snowflake cuts to attach to the background really well. Plus then I was able to pull the points up to add shadow and dimension to my page layout. After adding layered title elements plus a few other creative touches, additional Color Shine was painted on the page to create journal lines. I wrote my story. And that is how this Hello Today winter’s tale came to be.
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SUPPLIESPICK-ME-UPPaper 14Chipboard Stickerswhite cardstock; Die cut machine: Silhouette Cameo; Cut file: Snowflake Border by Paige Evans
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