October 2019 Highlights

Friday, November 1, 2019

Here's what we were up to this spooktacular month!
There was a bake sale at the kids' school so I got to enjoy lunch with Fox and Jane.

On the walk home from school I found these twigs a la Blair Witch on the sidewalk. SPOOKY!
We'd been counting down the days until October so we could go check out Spirit Halloween! We love all of the scary displays.

We got our pumpkins from Costco this year.
I taught a class at the Rocky Mountain Crop in Greeley. Love hanging out with scrappy friends!
Me & Vicki Boutin.

Not my pic but too cute not to share! My niece Zoe's birthday is the day after Fox's and Tanya set up her dining room all cute, complete with tassels handmade by my mom.

Aaaand my talented sister made these bootiful handmade dolls! Follow her Woven Girls account.
Fox and Jane watched the Halloween Baking Championship with me! That was a fun bonding experience.
My kitty cat. I wuv her and she wuvs me.

Joey always finds the most comfy spots to sleep.
Usually I create my October Occasionally from the previous year in October so this month I made my October 2018 album. I'm hoping to get a jump start on my 2019 album and finish it by the end of next week to be all caught up!
Can we talk about the weather for just a sec? I will get used to it one of these years and stop talking about it lol. But it literally went from 80 to snowing in less than 24 hours.

It was the largest drop in temperature ever recorded in Colorado since they started recording temperatures back in the 1800s. Chris and I dubbed it a "temperature tantrum" haha.

All my flowers got killed so I don't think I'll buy as many next year since they only lasted a few months. It snows here starting in October and all the way through May. Okay, rant over! I'm going to change my attitude about it starting now!

All bundled up for the walk to school.
Then it warmed right up again so we spent a day at Elitch Gardens using our Get Out Pass.

It was all decked out for Halloween! YES!

I've only been here once before with Chris when we were dating... 15 YEARS AGO! Holy cow has it been that long already?!

Elitch Garden Highlights:

I talked Fox into riding this with me.
He loved it.
The view from way up high.
Fox turned 9!
I took them to see The Addams Family and they claim it is their most favorite movie ever.
For dinner we met the other local Evans' at Texas Roadhouse and there was a kids craft table at the waiting area.
Still can't get over the size of these leaves Fox found!

Making the kids stand in front of my scrapbook stuff for a photo :)

For Activity Days we played Halloween games and I wrapped Jane up in toilet paper as a mummy.
We had Fox's birthday party at our house. He made his own costume this year, it's a Five Nights at Freddy's character.
The snow made for really pretty lighting inside.

This mattress boxspring is almost filled with handmade cards I've made and received.

Tuesday Morning is filled to the brim with crafty stuff! I could have spent hours and hours looking through every peg. I found a few things for my upcoming December Daily.

HALLOWEEN MORNING! Since masks and gory things aren't allowed at school, this was Fox's backup costume.
  The kids had a cute parade at school.
At last, time for trick-or-treating! On Halloween, time = candy!
 The clouds were epic!

Trick-or-treating highlights:
 Jane gave up after only an hour lol. Every party has a pooper! :)
 They hauled it in! I love the smell of Halloween candy.
Happy Halloween 2019!

Time to take down all the Halloween decorations and start thinking about Christmas woot woot! Such a fun and memorable month.

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  1. Loving all the photos!! I can't believe all the snow you received!!! That is CRAZY!! And I watched the Halloween Baking Championship also, I KNEW one of the guys would win (the girl had never won even one challenge ... soooooo... lol!), but I was disappointed in WHO won! I was hoping for the other guy!! :) We saw Addams Family also, we thought it was so cute!!!! The kids look awesome in their costumes, and happy belated to Mr. Fox!!!!!


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