Jane's Baptism Weekend

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Jane turned 8 on July 28th and was baptized on August 1st! My parents drove all the way down from Seattle for the special occasion and we packed a lot into their time here.
They arrived Friday night July 31st and Chris brought home yummy Cafe Rio for dinner.
The next morning we had a few hours before the baptism so I took my parents and their dog Gypsy on a walk up to High Point to see all the pretty views.
Before we changed into church clothes, we got into jammies and I asked my mom to take some photos of us for my campaign with Paramount.
The beautiful birthday girl all ready for her baptism!
Chris baptised Jane and Fox was one of the witnesses.
All the family that came from near and far.
 We ordered Jane a tower of her favorite treats: macarons from Honey B's!
After the baptism we had everyone over for chicken tacos.
 The next morning we went to Chris' office so he could fix some of my mom's blackened cavities. She was thrilled about the whole situation :) It was all worth it in the end though! I wish I had taken an after photo!
 Since we went to the office when it was closed, Chris didn't have an assistant, so I assisted lol.
The building was recently painted and looks sharp!
 Then we drove up to the Red Rocks Amphitheater. There was an impromptu drumming session happening on the stage which was fun to listen to.
 The views are epic.
Then we walked around the red rocks, hence the name Red Rocks :)  
Pretty flower.
In between activities my dad helped me patch a few holes in the walls and rip out a bunch of dead/unwanted plants in the yard.
 Rachel hid in our bathroom and closet the entire time, away from Gypsy.
Afternoon thunderstorms rolled in every day.
On Monday August 3rd Chris turned 35!
 For his birthday dessert we got him a Key Lime Cheesecake. Soooo good.
 While people were taking naps I would pop into my scrap room and work on the layouts for my campaign. My mom got this photo of me mid scraping modeling paste through a stencil. So that's what I look like while I'm scrapping :)
Workin' away on these layouts!
That same Monday we went to lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Mmmmm. Why do vacations always revolve around food? :)
 Happy boy.
 Then we drove up to Estes Park.
 Hummingbirds galore! There was a bird at all 4 stations on this feeder!
We got tickets to tour the Stanley Hotel and made our way up there after a flash rain storm.
 Can you spot the noob photobomber? Ha. Some people. Anyway, here we are in front of the Stanley Hotel on Monday August 3rd 2020, masks in tow.
Breathing in that fresh mountain air.
 The hotel lobby which according to our guide is contractually obligated to stay exactly like this because of Stephen King.
 All things The Shining! YAS!
We finally got to go to areas we'd never been allowed to before since we weren't guests of the hotel.
The concert hall with interesting lights made in Murano, Italy.
 Various pics of our cute kiddos in and around the hotel.
  The maze out front is a newish feature since it was one of the most requested additions to the hotel ever since the movie.
 Ornate details.
 We got to go upstairs!
 This is THE room where Stephen King came up with the idea for The Shining.
Can't you just imagine the two creepy twins at the end of this hallway?
We loved our tour of the Stanley Hotel! 
One of these years me and my mom and sister want to come stay here in October to make it an even more spooktacular visit!
 We drove home and watched Happy Death Day at night. The next morning my parents left at the ripe time of 3:30am. They made it home safely.
It was soooo fun to have my parents visit for a few days! The stinky part is not knowing when I'll see them again. Traveling is so up in the air right now. But it was so fun while it lasted and I'll forever cherish the memories we made!

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  1. Came by to see all the fun. I think the Stanley would be super fun in October. I had no idea you could actually stay there and what a beautiful hotel. I wouldn't want to stay in a storm though, I get creeped out soooo easily, LOL.


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