November 2020 Highlights

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

 Here's what we were up to in November 2020!

Woke up to a beautiful red sunrise.

Taking advantage of warm weather days to go on walks around the block.
I've learned it's typical to have the AC on in the car one day and the heater on because of snow just hours later.
The thing about snow in Colorado though is it snows for a day and then the very next day it'll be sunny and all melts away.
Cute Jane.
Too much screen time.
Handsome gamer boy!
My brother was wondering if I still had this limited edition Donkey Kong Nintendo 64 controller - apparently these are going for big bucks on ebay!
The installation of new hickory floors finished up mid-November after 3.5 weeks. We decided we're going to re-carpet the stairs though, our poor old dog can't go up and down these slippery stairs. 
Slowly but surely we are making our own design choices for this house. Next up, changing the balusters from wood to iron and replacing this chandelier with...
...this more modern one as well as changing those sconces on the wall.
These wooden balusters were already replaced with the iron ones and I love the updated look.
I have been a total grinch this holiday season. I don't know why, I just haven't been feeling in the Christmas spirit whatsoever. I blame 2020. Meanwhile, Chris decided to set up the Christmas tree two weeks before Thanksgiving but left the mother-fluffing up to me. I refused. Except..... he left the ladder there for days and it was bothering me to no end lol so finally I just gave in and fluffed the tree so I could put the ladder away. I know he did that on purpose :) He knew I would give in eventually. He knows me too well.
The day after Thanksgiving I finally felt Christmas enter into my heart and put up the rest of the Christmas decorations.
Since the stairs are still getting worked on I didn't put up the big pink and purple trees, but I did add a colorful forest of mini trees and the wooden Nativity my mom made me oh so many years ago.
Table decorations.
Rachel immediately resumed her spot on the tree skirt. She does this every single year! I bet I could find 14 photos of Rachel under the tree from all the years we've had her.
Speaking of Rachel, I take more pictures of her than anything else because she's always with me, being cute.
Yes Rachel? You want some food?
Snuggling up with me watching the Great British Baking Show.
My sister works at Anthropologie and gets me a discount twice a year so I found a couple things to add to my wardrobe.
Picking out ornaments at Target.
Watching Candy Land.
Nana and Papa came over for a Come Follow Me lesson.
Cafe Rio for lunch.
Speaking of food, check this:
Chris is the cook in the family and treated us to lots of yumminess in November including French toast... favorite chicken tacos, and a couple Hello Fresh recipes.
LaMar's donuts.
Crumbl cookies.
Honey B's Macarons.
My new favorite drink.
No wonder my acne is so terrible right now! Sugar sugar sugar! I gotta get back on the wagon of making good food choices.

We went to the mall a couple times and it's all decorated for Christmas.
Our county is in the red zone which means no indoor eating but they've set up tables outside to consume food court food.
They still have a place to take pictures with Santa and I think he's behind plexiglas for safety and you make reservations. Cute displays for photo ops throughout the mall.
For Thanksgiving we got together with the Evans' for a progressive dinner. First we had apps and salads at Tom and Margi's.
Then we went to Jay and Haylie's for the main course.
Those sweet potatoes though!
Desserts and games were at our house. I tried a little sampling of alllll the desserts.
Love my family!!!

On the scrappy front! 

I moved back into my scrap room after the workers were finished with all the floors and everything is right again. I've been ultra productive ever since being back in my happy scrappy place and have even began making process videos for my YouTube channel again!

Sneaks of layouts coming up later today and within the next few weeks, yay!

Got my small pink tree all decked out.

These are the projects I shared in November: Stamped Flowers Layout // December Daily Covers // Thanksgiving Layout // 
Quilted Background Layout // Auction Layouts // Kaleidoscope Layout

I finished my October 2020 mini album. I'll share it here in October 2021, so, stay tuned lol.

It was fun to document the process of creating 6 layouts in 8 hours through instagram stories:

These 6 layouts that I made were up for auction for Dear Lizzy and sold to the highest bid of $1000 by Melissa of Honey Bee Stamps! I am so humbled and thankful for the generosity of those who contributed to and bid in the auction.

I designed and gave away 7 free cut files for my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group and my Newsletters - sign up to receive my Newsletters HERE.

I LOVE how Tiphanie used my cut files to create these mugs!
Speaking of cut files, the first of my 25 Days of Christmas Cut Files goes out today! Have you purchased this year's advent?
These are the 25 designs from 2019 - this year's designs will be all different!
Prepped and ready for my December Daily! First up - backing all 25 cut files :)
Happy holidays! It's the most wonderful time of the year!


  1. HA!!! Leaving the ladder there until you did it... that is hilarious and something my hubby would do too!! LOL!!! And that is CRAZY about In-N-Out!!!! 12 hours!!! No one needs a burger that bad!!!!! LOL!! Loving all the photos, and so happy to see that you raised $1k for Dear Lizzy!! That is AWESOME!!!!!! Hubby bought me a pink tree this year (our main one in the living room)!! I have been WAITING for YEARS to have one, and this year he bought me one!! And our HUGE (55lb!!) dog has taken up laying under our tree too!! :)

  2. I had the most fun catching up with your monthly news. I kept thinking, "oh that's cute" or "I totally love that" while reading about your decorating plans. I just redid the lighting in our home too. It makes updating quite pain-free. Although Jim's thought was, "we already have lights", ha. Guys, am I right? It'd be fun to go shopping with you. We seem to like the same things. Even the ornaments on your craft room tree are what I love and collect too. Old fashioned ornaments on a mod tree (mine is aqua) look so cool. Love your new Anthropologie dress, it looks great on you. I shop there lots too. How nice for a discount a couple of times a year. I wish I had a sister for so many reasons, but that's an extra perk :D Cheers dear!


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