February 2022 Highlights

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Here's what we were up to in February 2022!

One of the first days in February while our Ford was still in the shop we drove to pick up Chris from work and then got dinner at Palenque Cocina Y Agaveria - yummy!
We attempted to meet up with the other adult Evans's for dinner in downtown Denver but we literally drove around for 15 minutes and couldn't find a single spot to park so we turned around and drove back home and got dinner at our favorite, Cafe Rio. We even got the key lime dessert for the first time to make up for it and it was so good.
Texas Roadhouse, always a treat.
Heart-shaped pizza from Papa John's for Valentine's Day dinner.
We went over to Tom & Margi's for the Super Bowl. Chris knew and sang along with every single word during the halftime show. This was the first Super Bowl I've ever actually watched. I enjoyed it! Go Rams!
Bougainvillea is blooming again! Bring on Spring!
I sat down to read a new book (The Wish by Nicholas Sparks) for a few minutes and ended up reading the entire book in one sitting, I'm not even kidding! It was so so so so so flippin' good. I cried my eyes out in a good way. I hope they turn it into a movie, I'd be first in line to watch!
Fox working on his Valentine's box.
Darling daughter.
Chris poses Jane's "Snuggle Bear". Sometimes she's all set to go to Disneyland, this morning she was ready to play some music.
Park Meadows Mall, Book Fair, and McDonald's. We have fun.
Fox reading one of Margi's books to their poodle Lacy.
Date night!
I got my roots done. Chris surprised me with some earrings on Valentine's Day! He's a keeper :)
The favorite view.
The third weekend in February I flew to Vegas to see my sister! We booked Justin Bieber concert tickets back in October and at long last it was time for the trip! Woohoo! But read on lol.
First thing's first, we went to Fiiz for $2 Tuesday drinks! Except it was actually Saturday lol. Allie's pregnant, hehehehehe.
Allie and Tate's new kitty Mickey, he's so adorable.
Dropped off my suitcase then we hit the ground running!
Off to The Strip!
This is my 6th or 7th time going inside Caesars Palace but the first time actually going into the shops and buying anything. That alone made this weekend super fun!!
Pretty flowers inside Van Cleef & Arpels.
An actual Psycho Bunny shop! I got Chris a shirt since he likes this brand.
We had about 20 minutes before our dinner reservation so we decided to gamble for the first time in our lives.
I lost $6 in literally 6 seconds. Safe to say it was my very first and very last time gambling.
This pasta was the best dish I've ever eaten! So going back next time we go to Vegas!
After dinner as we were driving back to Allie's house, we got the news that Justin canceled the concert. We were sooooooo disappointed!! As I write this, he's only had one of his scheduled shows so far, the first one in San Diego, and the following 4 shows have been canceled. So sad. I hope everyone who is sick feels better.
Daisy was my little shadow and painted me a beautiful scene.
The weather in Vegas was absolutely perfect. We sat outside and soaked in the sunshine a lot.
Talk about salt in the wound, the eye glitter that Allie ordered specifically for the concert arrived day of. Except, there was no concert to go to whomp whomp! We got dressed up anyway :)
All dressed up and nowhere to go hahahaha!
Don't show Amy or Jill ;)
Daisy and Jude and the baby in Allie's belly all in one pic! I love being an aunt to all these cute humans.
Tate made a delicious Sunday dinner.
For dessert we picked up slices of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and watched Joe Millionaire.
Bye bye Vegas! Until next time! Even though it didn't turn out exactly as planned, it was still one of the most memorable weekends I've ever had!
Amy and Jill were sooooo happy to have me home :)
It's been brutally cold in Colorado but almost always sunny so I'll take it!
We saw 4 movies in the theater in February - Scream 5 (so fun to see after watching all 4!), Marry Me (the songs are still stuck in my head!), Death on the Nile (entertaining enough), and Dog (cute!).

I watched a lot of reality TV as I was working throughout the month.

Amy and Jill watching the latest episode of Joe Millionaire with me.

Amy watching Love is Blind with me.

Speaking of the kittens. Here's their February round up :)

I got lots of pics of Jill this month and none of Amy which is opposite from usual!

She's so long and lanky.

The kitties sleep with/on/beside me every single night so when I awoke at 3am one morning and they weren't with me I had a bit of a panic attack. I started my search with the flashlight on my phone and when I opened up Jane's closed door, there they were, in their usual spots. Amy was asleep on top of Jane and Jill at the foot. I had to take a pic in the dark because it was so funny. Then they resumed their positions back with me.

Cutest sisters. They had a brother too that I never saw, I wonder what he looks like?

Naughty kitties story! I haven't let them outside yet because they're soooo fast, climb trees, and I'm afraid they'll run away never to be seen again. Somehow, when the piano teacher arrived I didn't close the front door all the way and they escaped without my knowledge. They came back in all on their own and I was none the wiser until I saw their footprint evidence in the snow!! I can't believe they were smart enough to come back inside themselves. I'm so glad they didn't run away, I would be a wreck.


On the scrappy front! I think I shared more projects in February than I ever have before - 20!! Here are links to every project from left to right:

Oh Happy Day & Dream Light Layouts // Love You Wreath with Splendid & Love You Wreath with Bungalow Lane Layouts // Heart Grid Layout // You Make My Heart Happy Layout // Hearts Heart Layout // Love You Stitching Letters Layout // Floral Heart Layout // Love Love Love Layout // Heart Garden Layout // Love Mini Album // Love Lined Layout // Love You Heart Layout & Love You Hearts Layout // Love Letter Layout // Heart-Shaped Mini Album for HitRecord // Heart Bouquet Cards // Hey There Layout // Summer MemoryDex Mini Album

 I gave away 7 cut files, 3 in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group, 2 in my Newsletters, and 2 for Scrapbook & Cards Today!

The 12 days leading up to Valentine's Day I sent out a Love-Themed Cut File to those who purchased my 12 Days of Love Cut Files! I created at least one project with every one of them and did my very first YouTube Series of process videos!

I spent the rest of February working on a passion project: backing my 20 Fall Cut Files to create a mini album all about our afternoon visiting a pumpkin patch called The Patch in Elizabeth last fall. I want this sweater in my size :)

3 down, 17 to go!
All the itty bitty pieces to back an intricate leaf.
The scraps.

All done backing all 20 Fall Cut Files!

It was uncanny how many photos at the pumpkin patch perfectly matched with these 20 Fall Cut Files, the mini album just had to be made! I'll share the finished project here and on my YouTube channel on March 13th.

I was contacted about teaching a mini album class on the platform HitRecord and I said yes! Here is the link to my promo video: https://bit.ly/34xfW7R

I taught my February Layouts Virtual Class which features fringe and folded paper strips!

Then an hour later I taught my February Mini Album Virtual Class which was a Summer-themed MemoryDex!

The craftermath lol.

And finally, I announced my next in-person scrapbooking event: A Splendid Weekend!

That was our February in a nutshell! Wishing you and your loved ones a happy March!


  1. Whew !! That was a crafty month to be sure. I laughed out loud at craftermath!! 🤣🤣 That is so funny. I think everything in your wardrobe is beyond cute! Honestly, even your handbag, ha! Ga-ga for all the kitty photos, keep 'em coming. Man, they are A-dorable ! So when you order pizza and key-lime pie, do you just have a nibble and quit?? I don't get it, you are marvelously slim 🤣 BTW, Key Lime pie is my all time favourite at our usual place too, but Jim and I share it because we're always too full but not full enough to skip desert 😁 Can't wait to see your fall mini, what a project! Even the cutting mat was pretty, ha! Back to my class LO, toddles 💗


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