December 2022 Highlights

Sunday, January 1, 2023

 Here's a look at our December 2022!

We went to Target and let the kids pick out their annual ornament. Jane is obsessed with vanilla bean frappuccinos. Me too girl. 

We met up with the other local Evans families to get dinner at Cheddars - our first time there. I thought it was really really good! Totally would go back.
Flowers blooming in December? Yes please!
Fox had his last basketball game and I got to go. It was so fun watching him the past couple months.
Fox begged me to make sugar cookies and then as per usual only ate 1 lololol.
Chris and I went to a Broncos football game.
That's a whole lotta people!
We didn't stay very long though, it's been a rough season.
Downtown Denver from the stadium.
I've been dealing with chronic headaches since I was a teenager and they've just gotten unbearable. I got an MRI which was a crazy experience. You see it on TV all the time, but until you're actually in the loud vibrating chamber, you never know! Luckily everything is fine with my brain. We're going to try Emgality shots. Crossing fingers and toes for some relief because I've spent so much of the past few months in bed, in pain :*(
Dry needle therapy. Getting my roots done. Inside the ICE exhibit.
I went to the twice a year bake sale at the school. Cookies for lunch for the win.
Festive goodies.
Then lunch with Fox. He added a rice krispie to his meal.
Jane got glasses and looks soooo cute!
The last day of school before break the kids had their holiday parties so I popped in to take some pics.
Going to The Nutcracker.
Haylie, Quinn, Margi, me, and Jane got to see the beautiful ballet.
Loved it! The dancers who played Clara and the Nutcracker in our play are married in real life! So sweet!
Hope we get to again next year.
We made gingerbread houses.
A favorite tradition: stopping by the Gingerbread House.
This house is legitimately LIT!
Just like last year, we went on an overnight staycation at the Gaylord Rockies Hotel.
Snapshots from our stay. A highlight was seeing the Cirque performance and breakfast at the Italian restaurant.
We had tickets first thing in the morning to walk through the ICE exhibit.
We were the only ones inside the exhibit so we got to go down the slides a few times each, it was super fun.
It was Charlie Brown themed and the kids had fun reenacting the sculptures.
Our family at the Gaylord Rockies Hotel on Thursday December 22nd 2022.
On Christmas Adam we did our virtual traditions with my side of the family.
On Christmas Eve we did our traditions with Chris's side of the family.
At last Christmas morning arrived!
The kitties wondered what all the commotion was about.
Tom, Margi, Nick, and Leti came over to open presents.
I got Chris a personalized message via Cameo from Will Pugh, the lead singer of our favorite band Cartel. He sung an acoustic version of my favorite song, Conduit
Beautiful Christmas Day sunset.
We brought out my Grandma Cathie's beautiful dishes for Christmas breakfast and day after Christmas dinner.
It snowed a foot overnight!
Snow angels.
We had snow much fun (see what I did there? :) sledding and making jumps.
A Cafe Rio opened right by us, yeehaw! It was a bit of a fiasco though since you don't interact with any people, it's all computers and we couldn't get the machine or the mobile app to work so we ended up at our previous Cafe Rio lol. Next time!
We don't stay up until midnight on New Years Eve, mommy needs her sleep lol, so that's our December in a nutshell as a family!

Onto our kitties :) I can't even with their cuteness!!

Amy throughout the month.

Sandy throughout the month.
Amy & Sandy throughout the month.
Chris and I always send cute animal videos to each other and one was about how to catch a cat: put out a bag. I tried it myself, only with a box. Floofs acquired. Success.

We saw 4 movies in the theater - getting' our AMC Stubs bennies: The Menu (interesting), Puss in Boots (cute with a good message), Elf (classic fave!), Violent Night (eeehh.... not really worth it).

On the scrappy front: I shared projects that I made for my PaigePals3 classes and a layout I forgot to share a couple years ago: 
London Layout // Party Hat Mini Album // Happy Birthday Layout // Birthday Banners Layout

I made 5 free cut files in December: 4 in my Happy Scrappy Place FB Group and 1 for Scrapbook & Cards Today!

The first Saturday in December I taught my last virtual classes of PaigePals3 and the year!

Speaking of PaigePals, I spent most of December creating the projects for my upcoming PaigePals4 virtual classes! Sneak peeks:

Chris spent an entire day helping me make all the kits and I shared the process in my Instagram Stories:
In-between kits I needed to trim all the threads:
All the kits ready to go! Stay tuned for all the info this Friday!
Once I finished my PaigePals projects I busted out all my December Daily supplies.
I didn't get much done though. I was very ill all month with chronic headaches.
Top 9 posts of 2022! Finally a layout made the cut lol. Lots of mini albums, my upcoming book, my scrap room, and of course the Easter Tree!
The Winter 2022 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine released and I'll share my two layouts inside this week!
A view from outside looking into my scrap room. Here is the caption I shared along with it on instagram: "From outside looking into my happy place! It's visible from the street so I often wonder what people think when they pass by. I've had new neighbors ask me if it's our kids' playroom. Something like that, except it's MY playroom :)"
2022. What a year. The first half was amazing. Then after Jill passed away in July I feel like things have been kinda rough. We lost Joey and my headaches have really been an issue. I count myself blessed and am so grateful though and hopefully things are on the up and up now and we can keep Amy & Sandy happy and healthy!

Here's to a productice, awesome, Happy New Year 2023!

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  1. So much fun tucked into the month. The Ice Palace looked amazing! I'm a bit jealous of the photo at the hairdresser 😅 You still look cute in foils! I look insane in those things, haha. We didn't see anything at the Cinema, but we just watched 'Bullet Train' on TV. I thought it was a lot of fun and I laughed a lot. It's a bit murdery, but Brad Pitt is so funny. Can't tell a lie, I got delayed on those cute kitty photos for a while 🥰 They're just too adorable. Amy still is so tiny, she looks like a kitten. I love the photo of the two of them in Rachel's chair! Glad you can try something new for your headaches, I hope you get some relief ! Cheers lovely! I have a good feeling about 2023 💕


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