January 2023 Highlights

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Here's a recap of our January 2023!
It has been the coldest, snowiest winter Colorado has ever had. I don't know if that's true or not, but it sure feels like it. I'm talking -18 degrees at times. That's 50 degrees BELOW freezing. For sure the coldest and snowiest that we've lived here. I want my typical 72 degrees and sunny with blue skies back lol.
Beautiful sunrise.
My mom came to visit! We had a fun show and tell session :)
We went to Cherry Creek Mall for some shopping then Cherry Cricket for lunch.
We stopped by the Molly Brown House.
My mom achieved an amazing goal of fitting these pants. Not only that, they were too big, so I made her try on a smaller size!
After she visited us in May 2022, she decided to make some big lifestyle changes as far as diet and exercise and I've coached her through it the past 9 months. She's a brand new woman!
She even fits my pants now! I am sooooo gosh dern stinkin' PROUD of her! Almost 61 and rockin' it.
I love my mom.
Meanwhile, I have not been so good at diet and exercise. I have become the queen of excuses... But I do love that on the mornings I exercise the kitties follow me.
I started emgality injections! They're a miracle! I've gone from 28 days of headaches a month to stretches with 5, 6, or 7 days without one. I feel like a new woman!
Ready for church!
I showed myself in my stories once or twice lol.
One morning before school I took the kids to King Soopers for Starbies and donuts.
Oopsies. I thought the buffalo sauce had a squeeze cap. It did not.
Jane came home from school early one day because she felt sick. A few days later, she was good as new!
Got the email from Google showing our 2022 travels - all wonderful memories now!
Surprise surprise, I took more photos of Amy & Sandy than anything else this month :)
When I have power naps during the day, the kitties are sure to follow. And then sandwich me at night. This is my definition of heaven.
We stacked all the blankets at the end of our bed and of course Amy found the comfiest spot in the house.
Reminds me of the Princess and the Pea book!
These kitties. Always up to mischief!
Sandy. AKA Her Meowjesty.
That belly though! / Using one of her toys as a legit pillow.
Those eyes! // One of her favorite napping spots - she won't fit there much longer!
She matches our carpets spot on.
Every night when I crawl into bed Sandy sits by my side of the bed and looks up at me with these adorable eyes! She wants to play fetch.
Amy throughout the month. She always wants in on the action and to feel important.
For the first time I caught both kitties on the cat cam!
(Just Amy, asleep in Rachel's chair in the left pic. Both kitties on my filming desk in the right pic).
The best moment was when they snuggled for over an hour.
This is what Amy & Jill used to do all day, every day, and I've been missing it for Amy so much. Usually Amy & Sandy playfight and act like frenemies, but it's moments like this that give me hope.

I read three books in January: LOST by James Patterson (5 out of 10), If He Had Been with Me by Laura Nowlin (6 out of 10) and Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (7 out of 10).
I bought the entire collection of Nicholas Sparks books last summer (he has since released another book) and read many of them, going in order of publication date, by the pool and outside enjoying the sun. Whenever there is a movie to go along with the movie we watch it too. There were about 5 or 6 books in a row without a movie, but there is one for Dear John, so the night after I finished the book we watched the movie together! I like the ending of the movie better :) Funny story: as I was reading LOST I came across this part talking about Avatar and coincidentally at that very moment Chris was with Fox & Jane at the new Avatar movie!

Kitty companion.
We saw 3 movies at the theater: A Man Called Otto (sad and sweet), M3GAN (interesting), and Missing (I liked it!).
We've been watching Castle before bed - I LOVE it!

On the scrappy front!
I shared my DD22 and 3 layouts made with Garden Shoppe. Click the links to see them in-depth:
December Daily 2022 // Cute and Cozy Layout // Love You So Much Layout // Snow Happy Layout
I also made 6 cards for the Pinkfresh Studio January release which includes two of my cut files turned into products!
I designed and gave away 10 free cut files in January!
5 for my Newsletters, 4 for my Happy Scrappy Place FB Group, and 1 for Scrapbook & Cards Today.
I announced that I'm participating at SBC Fest in March!
I announced that I'm hosting a Cruise & Crop in June 2024!
And I announced two upcoming in-person events!
First, Blooming Wild Weekend in Newark, New Jersey April 15th & 16th. Find all the info HERE.
Then join me in Round Top, Texas for the Crafty Fiesta Retreat May 4th-7th! Find all the info HERE.
At the beginning of January I announced PaigePals4 classes!! I sold out of kits but the 10 Virtual Classes are still available HERE.
On January 25th I taught my first virtual classes of the year.
And then an hour later I taught a Layouts Class featuring stars!
The view from my filming/stitching desk.
Pics of putting all the kits together.
I spent the first half of January creating my December Daily 2022.
I find that I concentrate and listen better at church when I'm doing something like fussy cutting or folding papers.
25 foundation pages ready to go! Then I added all the pics/journaling/embellishments. Find all the finished pics and a flip through HERE.
For my December Daily 2023 I will have my very own collection with a traditional 6x8 binder (which is sooooo stinkin' cute & pretty!) and am planning to have a class with 25 foundation pages all pre-recorded so you can create them at your own pace. All the details coming in the fall with a tentative release date of November 1st. The collection needs to be finished first though lol.

I had a fun virtual chat with the one, the only, Vicki Boutin!
Behind the scenes in January, after finishing my December Daily for 2022 I made a 3 layouts with Blooming Wild for the upcoming Spring 2023 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine, sold out of my stencils, made all the cards for the Pinkfresh Studio January release, made a layout for the SCT blog that will be revealed in March featuring Blooming Wild and a cut file, filmed through Blooming Wild for the release this Friday(!!), designed 36 Cut Files for Stitching, found colors of DMC thread to match Blooming Wild, made 3 MemoryDex cards with Garden Shoppe (I'll share them here soon!), and made 2 layouts with process videos using Garden Shoppe (the first one is HERE, the second I'll share here mid February)!
Yes to this!
I don't know of a truer statement:
I thought it'd be helpful to have one place for finding all my announcements, releases, workshops, classes, and more!
Here's to a LOVELY February 2023!

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