May 2023 Highlights

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Time for our May 2023 recap! The best month of the year with our anniversary, Mother's Day, and my birthday :) Here's what we were up to this past month:
The first weekend of May I was in Texas teaching (find the re-cap HERE) and then the day after I got home was our 16th wedding anniversary!
We love reflecting back on all these years. Things just get better and better :)
We celebrated with a lovely dinner at Perry's.
Fox had an orientation at the middle school. I dropped him off and he didn't even look back once I took him inside. It's amazing and hard at the same time having him grow up. Time is going too fast! Thank goodness for scrapbooking to look back on all these days!
Before I was supposed to fly to Vegas we took pics because we were both wearing floral shirts. 
Long story short, my flight was cancelled, so we had a bonus night together as a family.
We went to Mod Pizza and then Twisted Sugar for dessert drinks.
And then super early the next morning I attempted to fly to Vegas and was successful :) I had a wonderful time with my mom and sister over Mother's Day weekend! Find the whole Girls Trip to Las Vegas recap HERE.
Back home, the weather was warming up so the Kona Ice truck made a visit after school.
Happy kids!
Tasty treats.
As a special Mother's Day treat I booked a "mommy'n'me" photoshoot with Shannon Renee photography. Due to the absolutely crazy weather we've been having this spring, we needed to reschedule a few times but finally the storms held out at sunset so she could capture these beautiful photos in front of a blossoming tree.
I can't wait to add them to layouts and mini albums!
And then while we were all dolled up I took a selfie :)
Last year I had violas in hanging baskets. Apparently they're perennials and superspreaders so now I literally have a "Blooming Wild" garden! This was the beginning of May:
And the end of May:
I love love love that these are flourishing on their own because I do not have a green thumb. I would even say I have a black thumb lol.
Look at all the varieties popping up between the rocks!
Walking home from school one day we paused to take some pics in front of a neighbor's flowering bush.
So beautiful!
Chris booked tickets to Nate Bargatze at the Red Rocks Amphitheater and the night arrived!
This was our first show of any sort at Red Rocks! I spy lots of deer.
I'll be honest, with an 8pm start time, I was very leery of going. I hop in bed every night at 7pm and am out like a light by 9pm. 
But oh my goodness. I am soooo glad we went. I laughed so hard I cried.
And the venue is like no other.
Nate's face projected onto the red rocks lol.
Nate's dad was one of the guest comedians and he was hysterical.
It rained but luckily it didn't last long.
Nate of course with the final act and he had us keeled over laughing for an hour.
Now I want to watch all of his comedy specials.
The view from the top all the way out to Denver.
He grammed our show :)
We got really lucky with the traffic and it only took us 15 minutes to get back onto the highway. I've heard it can take over an hour. I was home and fast asleep by 11pm :) Great night with Nate and my date!
Mari sent a box with goodies from Brazil included sweet gifts for Jane & Fox.
This was Fox's last year at elementary so it's tradition for parents to decorate the kids' desk. All his favorite things.
Last day of school for the 2022-2023 year!
Fox's very last time walking to elementary school. Oh my heart.
"Clap Out".
6th grade graduation ceremony.
We've loved his teacher, I hope Jane gets her too.
Some pics from the graduation:
Fox and his bestie Bradee.
To celebrate we went to Shake Shack.
Did we go to London? :) Nah, just a fun prop outside Shake Shack. But I wish!!
Fox got his first phone. He couldn't be happier or more excited.
The day before my birthday we went to Cherry Cricket and Cherry Creek Mall.
We've been 4 times now and this was our first time sitting in a different area, we had no idea the place was so huge!
Shopping at my favorite clothing store, Johnny Was.
I love shopping :)
On May 28th I turned 38! 38 is great!
Chris made Grandma Doris' chicken curry for dinner and we had family over.
Playing basketball at the school. Chris and the kids were taking turns shooting hoops and not making very many. They said I couldn't do it either. So I walked on over, took a shot, and made a basket first try ;) They were impressed. Did I make the 2nd or 3rd attempts? No. But all that matters is that first one hahaha.
The kids' piano teacher is moving to New York to pursue her dreams so we had to say goodbye to her which is always hard. She has 3 cats that loved up on Fox.
During school pick up there was a tornado warning so all the parents were ushered into the gym where we sat for an hour until the warning lifted. This was the first time in our 5 years of living here that we've had this happen. It was scary.
The rain! Holy moly! It has rained every single day this spring. It sure does make for beautiful green grass and growth! But we haven't been to the outdoor pools once this summer because it hasn't been warm enough and all the lightning. We even had to turn the heater back on. It's nuts! But all good :)
I can't believe it's been 10 years since Chris graduated from dental school! This is us on May 17, 2013.
Baby bun bun in our backyard.
Berry & Cherry's first clutch of the season hatched at the end of April and they waited for me to get back from Texas to fly the nest! I was so happy! 5 more baby birdies off into the wild!
Just a few days later, a new pair of finches (we believe, I don't think House Finches have clutches THAT close together) came in and took over the porch light nest. We've named them Clover & Blossom.
I swear there were only 3 eggs (I checked a couple times) but somehow we ended up with 4 babies that hatched on my birthday :) I googled if two birds can hatch from one egg and it's rare but possible!
We finished watching all 8 seasons of Castle! Talk about a rushed ending though, what the heck?? I really really enjoyed this show. I think we should re-watch it.
We saw two movies in the theater, both were okay.
Probably the best part of every monthly highlights post: kitties! :)
They know when I'm leaving and put up a stink haha.

Amy throughout May. She's the sweetest.
Sandy Mandy throughout the month. She's such a floof.
She likes to peek her head at the top of the stairs.
Zoomed in hahahaha.

Jane likes taking pics of Sandy and editing them :)
Love these girls.
On the scrappy front: I shared 8 projects in May - click the links to see them in-depth:

I designed 21 free cut files in May! 3 for my Newsletters, 17 for my Happy Scrappy Place FB Group, and 1 for Scrapbook & Cards Today!
I taught 5 virtual classes in May! First, an Acetate Flower-Shaped Mini Album Class!
Followed a couple weeks later by a Disc Bound Pockets Mini Album Class!
And then I taught a Double Page Spread and Layered Flower Layout Class!
I wrapped up virtual classes in May teaching at the Pinkfresh Studio Create & Connect Event!
More craftermath. Amy clearly has a favorite spot.
The first weekend in May I flew to Austin, Texas then drove to Round Top to teach at the Crafty Fiesta Retreat! Find the re-cap HERE. We may or may not have something HUGE in the works for next spring ;)
The same weekend as the retreat was International Scrapbook Day! Tons of fun things happened all day long in my Happy Scrappy Place Facebook Group. Can't wait for next year!!
American Crafts posted this to promote iNSD :)
May 23rd was the official launch of my Make Your Memory book!!!!
I just re-stocked signed copies in my shop - find them HERE.
It's been #1 in Scrapbooking and...
#1 in Paper Crafts for awhile and I thank you thank you thank you!!
It has been so incredibly fun and surreal seeing the book arrive in your hands all around the world! From the bottom of my heart, truly, thank you thank you!
Between assignments, releases, and teaching I got all the custom ribbons cut and sorted for my upcoming Halloween & Christmas kits & classes!
These views make my Halloween-lovin' heart go pitter patter :)
I'm hoping to release the Halloween kit & class on September 12th and the Christmas kit & class November 1st. Check back here for all the details!
Speaking of Christmas, join me, Gina K. Designs, Cathy Zielske, Virginia Nebel, Jess Forster, and
Mari Clarke for a 2-day virtual holiday event on Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th 2023 to celebrate the joy of the Christmas season! Holly, jolly, merry and bright, we will come together for 6 BRAND NEW inspiring classes! There will also be a fun “hot chocolate” hour, exclusive shopping opportunities, prizes, giveaways, and more! During my class I'll use my new Christmas-themed Sugarplum Wishes collection to create a double-page spread, single page layout, and a holiday card! Register HERE.
I received samples of most of my Sugarplum Wishes collection!!!!
The 12 patterned papers are already available at if you want to stock up :)
This chunky spine though! YAS!!!
I met up with my sweet friend Jessica, owner and boss babe behind Color Cast Designs.
I was a half hour late! I was so embarrassed. I try to be so organized but alas, sometimes life gets the better of me. Anyway, we met at my favorite burger joint called Crave! Always so delicious!
 Then she gave me all the wooden houses for an upcoming PaigePals5 kit & class! They smell good :)
Jessica is also cutting my Halloween acrylics and they're SPOOKTACULAR :)
Speaking of PaigePals5, I finished up all the projects in May!!!
I'll release the PaigePals5 kits & classes on Monday June 12th at 10am Eastern to alumni and Friday June 16th at 10am to everyone else! Check back here then!
An amazing May!! Here's to a wonderful June!

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