Caribbean Cruise & Crop Recap

Monday, June 10, 2024

I first met Cheri & Sara of Dream Vacations and the hosts of Cruise & Crop back at Creativation in 2019 and was so excited to have my first Caribbean Cruise & Crop planned for June of 2020! Well, we all know how that went... 4 years later we tried again - second time's a charm! It was a smashing success and hopefully the first of many!
I announced the cruise in January of 2022 and 18 months flew by! We were soooo excited to be on the 2nd biggest cruise ship in the world! (It was THE biggest when I first announced the cruise lol).
On June 2nd 2024 I and 45 scrappy friends boarded Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas and we had 4 classes together - 2 on each of the 2 days at sea!
Bon voyage!
I found my family and in-laws fresh off the plane from Denver, we all got on the ship, and immediately went to the conference center to meet the coordinator and start decorating. Hey that's me!
Thank you so much to my mom (she made all the adorable tassels to adorn each table - check out her shop HERE), my dad for helping me put all the tablecloths in place, my mother-in-law Margi for stapling the garlands in place, Fox & Jane for passing things out, Chris for finding the lost suitcase with tons of things I needed, and my father-in-law Tom Evans for moral support :)
Staff couldn't get the projector and 4 TVs to work which was not ideal but we made do with a screen & projector. This was my teaching table set-up.
Let the fun begin!!
The first at sea day I taught my first class in the morning which was a round mini album with the Poppy & Pear collection by Bea Valint and you can purchase the class PDF HERE.
Hard at work!
Before we took a break for lunch we had Chris take a group photo. Hi scrappy friends!
Basically all my clothes these days are from Johnny Was :)
In the afternoon I taught 4.5 of 9 layouts also using the Poppy & Pear collection by Bea Valint and you can purchase the class PDF HERE.
One afternoon after a short port day I did a quick Silhouette Cameo tutorial and then did a 50% off flash sale of everything left in my pop-up shop.
The last full day of the cruise was our 2nd day of classes and in the morning I finished teaching the layouts and then in the afternoon I taught how to make this Bon Voyage 6x8 Scrapbook with the Coast to Coast collection by American Crafts. You can purchase the class PDF HERE.
Love this quote.
Thank you so much everyone for joining me on my first cruise & crop! It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!
I've reached out to Cheri to see about teaching on an Alaskan cruise next summer - stay tuned!!

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