May 2024 Highlights

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Here's what we were up to during the month of May 2024! The best month of the year IMHO because of our anniversary, Mother's Day, and my birthday!
Beautiful Colorado. I love our walks and the views.
I had one of these Fig Apple Red Bull energy drinks daily for almost two years. I finally drank my last one, it had to be documented.
Adding to the Lego Minifigure collection.
Sweet Sandy snuggling with Chris.
Jane has been working so hard to improve her math and she did so great on her last test!!
We tried a new crepe place and it was sooooo good.
I mean, right?!?
We watched Mean Girls as a family. "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom." :)
We got tickets to see Shawn Johnson's comedy show in Aurora. It was hysterical of course!
He's so funny.
Hi opener was Will Rubio who is also super funny.
Gorgeous Jane.
The 6th grade class has been working so hard on their Dancing Through the Decades and at last the day came! Jane and her friends danced to the 60s.
Jane is a very quiet and timid girl but OH MY GOSH when she got on this stage she came out of her shell and stole the show! For real for real!
The dance to Sweet Caroline was my favorite.
This link is to the entire performance so jump to 13:30 - 18:17 to see Jane shine:
It was honestly the best school performance we've been to, it was legitimately fun and entertaining and showcased skillz.
A main bathroom remodel is in the future and I found this chandelier on Pinterest and it arrived from Italy - doesn't it scream Paige?! I love flowers :)
Our Disney shrine.
Trying to get in shape again which includes a daily walk on the treadmill watching the best show in the whole wide world, Outlander.
Jane's last day of elementary school.
We walked across the street to the school for the clap out.
And then the graduation ceremony.
Jane has been at this school from 1st-6th grade.
Congratulations Jane! Onto Middle School with Fox!
Jane and her bestie Mayra.
Sadly, they are moving next month :*(
So proud of this girl!
Peace out!
The flowers are blooming wild in the rocks again, I love it so much.
Have I already mentioned that I love flowers?
Memorial Day dinner at Tom & Margi's.
Festive dessert by Haylie.
Snippets of me throughout the month.
OMG I NEEEEEEEED. This is actually my eyebrow/lash lady's daughter's car! So jelly.
For my birthday Chris brought me home a Paradise crepe, my new favorite treat.
Proof I fed our kids dinner one night ;)
The northern lights were visible one night but I didn't stay up to see them. Darnit! Next time!
Our closet was installed - we went through Costco and had Closet Factory design and install it. I had fun choosing the color and finishes and what not.
Chris is so organized. We actually switched sides of the closet which I thought was going to take a long time to get used to but I've only gone on his side once.
New medallion and chandelier for the finishing touch!
While it looks beautiful from afar and is the closet of our dreams, they actually did a horrible job installing it - every single piece is scratched, dented, gouged and the workers were just really careless, so I don't recommend a custom paint job from Closet Factory. They actually told me to my face AFTER it was installed that they can't guarantee their work of painted jobs. Awesome. But anyway, like I said, it's beautiful - if you don't look too carefully lol.
On May 2nd the first batch of baby birdies of the year flew the nest! Bye bye birdies!
Two pairs were eagerly awaiting their turn so I thought I could solve the problem and installed a bird house but they have never even checked it out. Note to self to take it down.
Only 1 week later a new pair of finches (we still call them all Berry & Cherry!) rebuilt the nest and laid eggs. I got sick of Amazon delivering packages at 10pm which could potentially make the mom abandon the eggs/babies so we put up a rope with a sign blocking the porch.
The first egg was laid on May 11th and I thought there were only 3 eggs total. Two weeks later the babies started hatching. I never got a good look at how many there were until after we got home from the cruise in June (I'm writing this post mid-June, it's been a busy time) and it turns out there were FIVE babies!!! We're up to 32 finches from this nest!!
Cherry on the left, Berry on the right, always close by. We love our resident House Finches! 
We went to Vegas to see Rain City Drive & Dayseeker!! Perfect timing to celebrate our anniversary and my 39th birthday. 
Bye Denver, hello Vegas!
My sister picked us up from the airport then we went to her house to wait for Tate to finish up a work call and Chris had never been to their new house before.
For lunch we went to Taco Y Taco and got.... tacos!
Cute little place.
My favorite thing to do in Vegas (aside from see my sister ;) is SHOP!
Tate's mom came over to watch Daisy, Jude & Zula while we drove down to the strip to shop at The Crystals.
Trying on fun things :)
We got dropped off at The Venetian and went exploring. It's like we're back in Venice! Almost :)
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!
It's a beautiful hotel.
This is the 'fit I chose for the hard rock concert, channeling my inner emo ;)
Here we gooooo!
We walked a few blocks to The Linq where the concert took place at the Brooklyn Bowl.
We made it! Woohoo!!
First to play was a band I'd never heard of before, Avoid. A bit too screamo for me but the lead singer had a smile on his face the whole time, he clearly loves what he does, which made me smile.
Matt McAndrew (the lead singer of Rain City Drive) is best known for his appearance on Season 7 of The Voice where he finished as the runner-up as part of team Adam.
The first song they sang was Medicate Me which is a collab with Dayseeker - the other band we came to see. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when Rory came out to sing his part of the song.
Thud! That was me fainting because it was so good.
Chris got us great seats. Well, we never sat, we stood, but thankfully not with GA where there were mosh pits and crowd surfing galore, no thanks. The band between was called Silent Planet which, like Avoid, was a bit (or a lot) too scream-o for me.
Squeeeeeeeeee! OMG the whole show was soooo good and seriously one of the top 10 nights of my life. It's amazing seeing bands in real life.
As we were walking out Matt was just standing there over by the merch so we ran over, asked him to sign a Rain City Drive sign, and snapped some pics. 
He's so nice and I really appreciate how much he interacted with his fans before and after the show.
We were there!
The next morning we went to Bouchon for breakfast.
Every single thing was absolutely delicious. Chris said his eggs were the best he's ever had which is kinda funny, how good could eggs get lol.
We had a few hours before we needed to head to the airport so we walked all around the hotel and over to Caesar's Palace and back.
Such pretty installations.
Fox and Jane were staying with Tom & Margi and after they went on a hike they got dropped back off at home and I could spy on them through the kitty cams :)
Final shots through The Venetian.
Headed home after a fun-filled overnighter! We're actually flying to Vegas again in October to see another concert - Cartel at the When We Were Young Fest!
Amy + Sandy time! Whenever they're on the same blanket together I just have to snap pics because it's pretty rare and oh-so-sweet.
1) Wherever I go, even if I rarely go there (for instance in this picture the main living room couch) they are sure to follow. 2) Inspecting the new closet. 3) Snuggles! 4) I was cleaning out under my sink and of course they came to see what was happening then somehow crawled into the drawers.
Amy lololol. Why?
I spent a lot of time in bed with headaches in May and Amy was my constant companion. The last photo on the bottom right was her epically sad face on our way out the door to Vegas.
Sandy protesting me leaving for Orlando then the cruise.
She is just the sweetest and biggest hot mess lol. We adore her.
The night before I left for 10 days to teach in Orlando and on the cruise I got both of them to snuggle with me, it was such a sweet send off.
Onto the scrappy recap for May! I shared 12 of my own projects throughout May - tap the links to see each project more in depth:
Sadly I stopped doing Make With Me Monday due to headaches and the stress/anxiety/pressure of having to be creative on a deadline, live. I hope I can at least do them monthly but we'll see. So throughout May I started working on my 4th of July Kit & Upcoming Class!
Watch the entire process of this class idea & kits coming together in my Instagram Highlights HERE!
I have a hard time narrowing things down so I chose 35 ribbons to go into the kit! Red, white & blue galore!
That was our May 2024 in a nutshell! June is sure to be just as fun with the long awaited Caribbean Cruise & Crop!

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