The One with What's In Your Purse

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The contents of one's purse can say a lot about one's self. Here's what's in mine:
My phone. It's glued to my hip.
Sour Patch Watermelons - a new favorite candy.
Bottled water - I always carry a water bottle with me cuz I hate being thirsty.
Goldfish. To snack on. Natch.
An everything bagel from Costco with one bite taken out of it. It wasn't exactly what I was in the mood for apparently.
A print out of all the layouts in the August issue of Scrapbook Trends so I can check them off as I edit the text.
Band-aids. An essential. I tend to cut myself on random objects frequently.
Hand sanitizer - cuz I'm a germ-a-phobe.
Two American Crafts Precision Pens - the best pens in the world.
A garbage bag - in case I feel the urge to vomit.
My wallet.
A Wells Fargo deposit slip. Wish I had direct deposit for all my paychecks... Note to self: this is my last deposit slip - get more next time I go to the bank.
A copy of our car insurance policy. Don't know why I carry it around, but I do.
My Google notebook - to jot down ideas, sketches, lists, anything that comes to mind that I need to remember.
I also carry my camera with me ALWAYS, but I had to use it to take this picture...
All three of my ultrasound pics :)
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