The One with How Do I Travel With an Infant?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and with that brings family gatherings and traveling afar. But I have a question, cuz I don't know so many things about babies:
We will be eating Thanksgiving with nearly my entire paternal family (sans my immediate family, boo) here in Newport Beach so that's no biggie - just pop Fox in his car seat and drive an hour or so and we're good to go. We'll pack the diaper bag with a few more diapers and an extra pair of clothes or two and that's that. Done and done.
Now Christmas. That's another story.
We're driving to Denver! Yippee!
But what do we bring? Since we're driving we can pack the car with pretty much anything. I'm soooo nervous about how Fox will do in his car seat for such an extended period of time. He can barely stand being in there for more than 5 minutes....
What I'm mostly wondering about is how to FLY with an infant?
We're going on a spur of the moment trip to Washington in January and flying there. With layovers on the way to and from... Obviously I can't pack the whole kit and kaboodle so what do I bring? I really need your expert help. I feel like I need to pack an entire suitcase of just diapers! Let alone the big ticket items like the pack-n-play, swing, car seat, stroller, bouncy, entertainment center, etc. Do I just buy diapers when I get there? Do I kindly ask my parents to get a car seat to keep at their house for our visits? Can I bring the stroller all the way to the gate and then do they check it?
Muchas gracias.
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