The One with the Routine

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. Fox is almost 7 weeks old and I think we're finally getting into a routine *KNOCK ON WOOD*.
Here's how a typical day in my life goes:
5:00am - Fox starts crying so I wake up and feed him and my day begins (yup, I wake up at 5am. Oh but just wait, it gets better!).
5:30am - Feed the animals and straighten the house.
6:00am - Exercise while Fox is still sleeping.
7:00am - Eat breakfast, shower, take the doggie to go potty, all while Fox is still (hopefully) sleeping.
8:00am - Fox wakes up for another feeding so I do that while sitting at my computer working, checking emails, reading blogs, watching Fringe or X-Files on hulu, facebooking, and recently I've picked up tweeting (sort of). Fox is awake pretty much from now until 6pm and takes half hour naps (if you can even call them that) every now and again. During his naps I blog, put in a load of laundry, pay attention to the other pets, get some good work done, etc.
10:00am - Turn on the Price is Right.
12:00pm - Warm up a frozen Weight Watchers meal for lunch.
4:00pm - Finish working for the day and sit down with Fox and watch some tele.
5:00pm - Chris comes home and we eat dinner and then I pass Fox off to him because let's be honest, it's been a long day and my arms (and ears) are tired.
7:00pm - I go to bed. Yes, I go to bed around 7pm.
3:00am - Fox wakes up for a feeding. I'm hoping he can make it through the night without waking up soon.
5:00am - Repeat.

Being a mom is getting easier every day. At first it was like, ahhh what am I doing!:
I like routines and schedules and now I think I'm finally figuring things out. Of course, now that I've written it down it'll prolly go out the window :) But I'm working on being more flexible.

I took THE cutest pictures of Mr. Fox this morning. Check it:
My heart is full.


  1. 7 weeks!?!?!? Holy cow time flys!!!

  2. he is just PRECIOUS!!
    your schedule sounds like mine...well, 19 years ago.

    beautiful family Paige!

  3. Price is Right... It's funny to hear you are still addicted to that show!! I remember I would want to hang out and we would have to watch the Price is Right before leaving your house =) Fun memories! Fox is getting cuter by the day! LOVE the smile!! =)

  4. Perhaps we should add some play dates into the mix? And by that I mean, coming over and hanging out while Mariah plays with the animals and Fox sleeps :)

  5. Aww, this was fun to read! And he is SOOO cute! I LOVE that you post so many photos of him. When you don't post photos of him, I get cranky. I'm thinkin that even when you post about something else, you should end with a photo of him. LOL. :-p

    I was just thinking today how time flies by SO fast! It feels like just last week, you and I were emailing about having kids! And now you have an (almost) TWO month old! And I'll (hopefully) have a baby next summer! Isn't that crazy?!?!?

    Gosh, he looks just like Chris. He has your eyes though, yes? :-)

    Am I babbling? LOL. I need a routine. Maybe I should get one too. *sigh* I need some motivation.

  6. You are doing well Paige! Master N is 23 months and we still don't really have a routine, not to mention that he only started sleeping through the night about 4 months ago and I am two weeks of Baby Number 2 arriving - goodness me, so days I wonder what I was thinking!

    By the way the photos of FOx are so, so precious!

  7. thats swesome! What do you do for exercise?

  8. Does Chris ever have homework? Thats nice he can take him. who does the late nigh feeding?

  9. Mr. Fox is so stinking cute!! I could look at his pictures all day!

    And are looking great! Aren't you doing WW?

  10. Wow what a great baby! Mine didn't start sleeping like that til he was 5 months old! You are one lucky mama with a cute little boy to boot!

  11. Yes, Chris does have homework...but how can you resist that little guy? :)

  12. I totally husband has the same problem! He gets too distracted with Alyssa to do homework!

  13. It's amazing how such a little person can throw a monkey wrench into our routine, but SO worth it... he's totally adorable Paige. :)

  14. He's so sweet! I LOVED holding him the other day, makes me baby hungry. :) It sounds like you're getting that schedule down great!

  15. I just had a patient whose name was Thomas Fox and it made me think of your little one. Love that bib!


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