The One with Behind The Mist

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Now that no more Harry Potter or Twilight books are being written (though I'm still crossing my fingers that someday there will be more of both), I bet your kids (and you, come'on, you can admit it, I won't judge you) are looking for a new hit series to read. I've got just the books for you! My mother-in-law, M.J. Evans, wrote a new trilogy called Behind The Mist and it's being published and now available for purchase - even on Amazon, this series is legit!
Here is the summary of book one of the Behind The Mist Trilogy: There exists a land filled with power and love...behind the mist.

Nick and his family spend their summers in the Colorado mountains where he first meets an exceptional horse named Jazz. What begins as an increasingly strong bond between a horse and his young rider goes beyond extraordinary when an unexpected tragedy launches them on a thrilling journey to the land behind the mist.

Celestia is the immortal home to noble and great horses that, based upon the virtues they developed on earth, earned the privilege to be given the power and status of a unicorn, and receive their horns. Under the guidance and direction provided by Lord Urijah and his Council of the Twelve Ancients, the unicorns serve as the guardian angels to the animals on earth.

Nick is the only human in Celestia - or so it first appears. As they learn more about this magical land, Nick and Jazz are compelled to embark on a rescue mission into the Dark Kingdom that is ruled by the evil unicorn, Hasbadana. Though aided on their journey by special skills and unusual allies, the boy and horse confront powers that threaten to destroy them in their attempt to save a lost soul.

Join Nick and Jazz as they battle the forces of evil and demonstrate the transcendent power of loyalty and love.

Sounds like a can't-put-down book to me!

I helped Margi, I mean, M.J. :), set up a blog where she posts fun facts and videos about amazing horses and shares reader stories. CLICK HERE TO READ THE MIST TRILOGY BLOG.
Behind The Mist is now available on as well as, but brownie points if you buy it directly from the Behind The Mist website cuz Amazon charges an arm and a leg in fees.

This book would make a FABULOUS Christmas present for one and all :)


  1. The Blog "[Open Book]" gave this book a 10/10!

  2. Coool! I'm reading a few books at the moment, but I'll have to look into this one when I'm done. I wanna know what you think of it! :-)

  3. Oh heck yes! So excited to read it!


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