The One with Remember When?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I was watching the Back to the Future trilogy on TV the other day and in the 2nd one they go to the future - 2015 to be exact. It's almost 2015 now and I'm pretty sure we won't defy gravity by then and fly around on hover-boards or drive around in the sky in our cars...
I told my dad this and his response was something along the lines of, "Yes, but they didn't think of cell phones." True. So then I started thinking about all of the advances in technology that I've seen over my short 25 year life (see below). Just imagine what the next 25 years holds!

Remember when the only way to watch a new movie was to buy the VHS or rent it at Blockbuster? Now there's Netflix, Red Box, instant play on TV, iTunes, DVDs (which are now being replaced by BluRay), etc. I wonder how much longer Blockbuster/Hollywood video will be in business?

Remember when you actually had to take out your CD from your CD player to listen to your music? (And I'm sure the generation before me is thinking about records and record players).
Now we have MP3 players - most notably, the iPod. I still remember the exact moment I handled an iPod. It was the summer of 2003 after I graduated from high school. My dad won an iPod at work for fixing the most bugs and I asked if I could try it out while I was laying out in the sun working on my tan. I was instantly amazed. I could have my entire CD collection available to me at the touch of a button! Say what!?! I bribed my dad to pay for half of an iPod if I earned my amateur extra ham radio license. Which I did and I got a 30gb iPod for $500.
The very next day Apple came out with a 60gb iPod for $400. I hate it when that happens!

Remember when computers only had like 10 gigabytes of space? Now they have terabytes of space.

Remember when movies weren't in 3D? Now TVs are being made with 3D capabilities.

Remember when you had to roll down car windows by hand? Now almost everything about cars is automatic, not to mention all the doo dads and gadgets they're including these days (keyless entry, built-in GPSs, iPod docks, etc).

Remember when there was no such thing as cell phones? Or remember how big and bulky early cell phone were?
How did people keep in touch back in the day? Chris and I call each other at least three times a day to let each other know where we are and that we're safe. And my cell phone I have today blows my first cell phone out of the water. Phones are pretty much little portable computers. You can virtually do anything on your phone that you can do on your computer.

Remember when there was no such thing as the internet and you had to go to the library to do your school research? I don't even know where the closest library is now... The internet is the most amazing thing ever. My life revolves around the internet. What would I do without it?

Basically, I'm just astounded by our world and technology and am so curious about what the future holds.


  1. Siii, yo vi la pelicual el otro dia que la pusieron en la tele y que risas, creian que volariamos en 2015!!
    es cierto que las tecnologías avanzan rápido, yo les doy las gracias, no podria vivir sin internet!!jejeje
    un saludo

  2. it is amazing how much things have changed just in the past 20 years. I look at my kids and wonder if they'll be looking back 20 years from now and giggling at our cell phones and ipods.

    Definitely don't miss the roll down windows! I remember trying roll down the window, shift gears, throw change in the toll booth and steer all at the same time in my first car.

  3. I had that exact MP3 CD player!

  4. I love to think about this, too! The fact that we all whip around in traffic that would be totally intimidating to someone from 1900 is amazing to me. Traveling at 70 MPH, changing lanes, merging onto 5-lane highways... they would freak out!

  5. I was just thinking today how things have changed over the years too! From pagers to cell phones! :)

  6. Ha, I am going to share this post with my class at UVU if that's okay, we are discussing media and how it has changed and what new technologies have emerged and this is perfect! Hope you are doing well.


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