The One with Snippets

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Here's what we've been up to lately according to my phone (I'm @paigetaylorevans on instagram!):
Cool shades dude.
 After spending FOUR HOURS at the train tracks table at the Barnes and Noble the other week, I tried to re-create the toy at home. It worked. For about a half hour.
 Prettiest 8 month old in the world :)
 We went and did the Griffith Park Pony Rides and Train again the other day. Fox was in heaven. He loves horses, he loves trains. Win win.
 Soaking up the sunshine.

In the four years we've lived here they've had Mountain Dew at our Costco exactly twice. Chris might buy out their stock.
 We almost took up the entire set of swings at Pirate Park by the Rosebowl. Had I waited a couple more minutes when V showed up with her girls we would have monopolized the swings.
 I've always wanted to try dinner in cupcake tins for Fox. Last night was the night! Not that it helped him eat any better... but it was fun for me!
 Allie's book in progress.
 Fox running in circles around a swing.

Fox - 0, Swing - 1

 Spring has sprung!
 This may get a post of its own soon. Our money-pit got towed away this morning. The coolant system broke and they estimated it costing like $4000 to repair. We just don't have that kind of cash to throw down on a stupid car. It doesn't even start anymore even with jumpstarts. Bye bye Landrover. I miss you. But I kind of don't. I should have listened to my dad...
 Jane loves to get thrown in the air.
 They filmed a McDonald's commercial at this house today. Just another day in South Pas!

We live on a super busy street - like, 6 lanes of traffic busy. Every time an ambulance or firetruck or police car drives by Fox runs to the window to catch a glimmer of the flashing lights. On our walk today we came across a firetruck and ambulance at a residential house. I hope everything is okay with whoever needed help... but these firemen were soooooo nice and swept Fox off his feet and showed him the firetruck. Fox was in HEAVEN. He LOVES firetrucks. It was really sweet.
That's all!
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