The One with Canada Day 1

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last Thursday and Friday Chris and I left Fox and Jane with my mom and dad and headed up to Canada to celebrate our 6th anniversary / Mother's Day / my golden birthday / graduating from USC! 
After lunch we started driving. Luckily the weather was no indication of how our vacation went! This is just typical Pacific Northwest.
 Crossing the border. I wish they gave stamps in our passports!
 Hello Canada, eh! :)
 We drove straight to our hotel in Langley.
Not too shabby!
 We were taking a nap when we heard a baby next door crying, crying, crying. Now, don't get me wrong, I love babies. In fact, I have two of them myself. It's just that the point of us going away was to actually get away from crying babies, so we changed rooms, and all was well.
We asked the concierge what his favorite pizza place was and he recommended Sarpino's, so to Sarpino's we went! We got our usual: pepperoni, sausage, and pineapple on the whole thing, plus fresh tomatoes on my half. It was as yummy as it looks!
 We noticed on our maps for the next day's travels there was a toll bridge so we stopped at an ATM to get some cash. Getting $20 actually ended up costing us $27 with all the fees... Grrrr... BUT, check out how cool Canadian money is! 
It's super thin plastic, not paper, there's a piece of see-through transparency down the side, embossed dots which looked like Braille, and tons of other awesome counterfeiting prevention features. Neato. (PS - Adobe Photoshop wouldn't even let me open up the images of this money to edit them! What the heck, how does it know????)

After dinner and after more naps we drove about 2 miles, excuse me, 3.21 kilometers to the Vancouver Temple!
There were only two sessions for the entire day! One at 6:20pm and the other at 7:30pm. We called earlier in the week and reserved a spot in the 6:20 session. 
 We got there with enough time to walk around and see the grounds.
Pretty pretty pretty!
 The session was beautiful and spiritual and the chandelier in the Celestial Room was like nothing I've ever seen before.
Chalk another one up!

Down the street from the temple I spotted this gorgeous open field. This picture is now my desktop background, I love it so.
Being the wild party animals that we are (haha, not so much) we decided to go to the 10pm showing of Now You See Me. We be CRAZY! Before the movie began there were a bunch of commercials and previews and what not, and then up came an advertisement/game/contest app thingy and everyone pulled out their phones. We were so confused! But then everyone in the room played a trivia game on the big screen via their phones and got points based on how many correct answers and how fast they answered them, then the top 10 players got a free drink! What an awesome concept! I think US theaters need to adopt this plan of action.

I'd really been looking forward to this movie and was excited we got to see it then and there instead of waiting until we got back to WA. I gave it a 6.5/10. Too much Mark Ruffalo, not enough Jesse Eisenberg.
Day 1 done! Day 2 to come!
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