The One with Browsing Grafenwöhr

Saturday, July 13, 2013

We've been here in Grafenwöhr about 5 days and we're falling more and more in love! And we've only seen about a half mile radius cuz that's how far my little legs can carry me :)
This little girl is having the hardest time getting adjusted to the 9 hour time difference. Every night is better than the last though, so yay for progress!
Lots of tanks e'rywhere / Pretty flowers e'rywhere 
Residential neighborhoods, can't wait to live in one! / The backside of our hotel 
This huge green pasture makes me want to run around and fly a kite and throw a frisbee.
I love eating in the cafeteria. Food I don't have to cook is the best!
Barracks / Cobblestone walkways / More pretty flowers / More huge tanks
The iconic water tower that pretty much symbolizes Graf / Rusty grate
Doorway / The streets of Graf
Thank goodness I got a Phil & Ted stroller before we came, my double umbrella stroller wouldn't have gone two inches on these cobblestone roads!
Covered walkway by the USO / My handsome Fox in front of a bright green garbage bin. Yes I make my kids pose in front of garbage - anything for a good photo to scrap!
The movie theater - have yet to see a movie there but I'm gonna soon, mark my words!
Thousands of post office boxes. I've never had a post office box before! We haven't been able to check it yet because of Furlough, they're closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and before that we were too busy running around doing errands. Tomorrow is the day! I sent myself a letter from Seattle last week and I'm curious to see if it's showed up yet. 
Pretty in pink!
 The elementary school where Fox will go - crazy that he'll be old enough to go to elementary school by the time we're done here!
This is the shopping area where I spend a lot of my day. 
Just because.
They say it takes about 6 months to get used to living abroad - but I'm happy to say we're adjusting quite nicely to this amazingly lovely and quaint town.
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