The One with Chris' Amazing Artistic Skills

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I bet you didn't know that Chris is an amazing watercolorist. He's very talented. I'm going to MAKE him write some of his stories about being an artist so stay tuned. Meanwhile, I'm graduating in 5 hours!

Well, she kept her word. This is Chris, and here I am writing about all of this. I first tried painting in watercolor when I was a freshman in a drawing 1 class. I almost didn't take the class, but I did, and subsequently I took an art class or two every semester I was in high school.

I fell in love with watercolor and it has been my medium of choice since that drawing 1 class. I have had paintings in various art shows and have even won a couple Best in Show's, believe it or not. (I really don't think watercolor photographs well...)

Aside from my photography class, every art class I took during high school was taught by my favorite teacher, Mr. Sarmo. He is an amazing artist, in watercolor and other mediums, and he really mentored me and helped me.

I remember one funny story. During one of my art classes with Mr. Sarmo, the class was working on a watercolor project. No matter what the project was, I used watercolor. But this time the whole class had to use them. One of the other students asked Mr. Sarmo, "Hey, do we have any yellow ochre?" Mr. Sarmo replied, "Is there any left in the stock room?" The student said there wasn't so Mr. Sarmo said he would have to pick some up over the weekend. It just so happened that I needed that very color so I asked Mr. Sarmo, "Hey, do you have any yellow ochre?" He said, "Yeah. Let me go get my paints." And he went and let me use his own supplies.

Anyway, I love art. I'm not the best at it, but I love it. I guess that's why I'm an Art History major here at BYU. If you can't make it, study it. Right?

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