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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well hello family and friends. We are finally jumping on the blog-bandwagon!

Chris is finishing his junior year at Brigham Young University (BYU) with a major in Art History. But, he's taking the DAT on June 5th and applying to dental school this summer. Looking forward to all that stress! Our top choices:
1) UOP in San Francisco (only 3 years as opposed to 4)
2) CU Denver in Denver (eventually we want to end up in Colorado so it'd be nice to just move there and settle down)
3) UW in Seattle (my family lives in the Pacific Northwest so it'd be fun to live close to them for a few years)
4) After that it doesn't really matter. I'm hoping for somewhere warm like Arizona and still on the western half of the United States - that's where all our family lives.

I graduated from BYU in December 2007 with a BA in Art Education. As soon as we get out of Utah I will be an art teacher. Right now, I am a product designer for American Crafts. Check them out at and their blog at I have also been working at Northridge Media for the past 2 1/2 years doing editorial/copy editing. Better known as Scrapbook Trends, they publish Scrapbook Trends, Paper Trends, Cards, Bead Trends and a bi-monthly idea book. Check them out at Basically, my life revolves around scrapbooking/art and it has been since I was 16.

Hopefully I can post a little something a couple times a week during lunch break. Until then - ciao!


  1. Hi Chris and Paige,
    Please send me a summary of the last year for the Morris Family Newsletter by May 1st. Love, Margi/mom


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