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Monday, April 14, 2008

Good morning/afternoon/evening. Today I will take you through the play-by-play of a typical weekday in my life.

Monday April 14th (side note, Chris asked me to be his girlfriend exactly 49 months ago today)

6:45 am
Cell phone alarm goes off and my birds in the other room chirp
Roll over and say good morning to Rachel the cat and Chris the husbandTurn the bedroom light on and laugh as Chris and Rachel squint their eyes cuz it's too bright
Get dressed in the outfit I set out the night before
Open the pet room, let the chinchilla out and grab Jadis the conure (bird)
Go into the bathroom and wash my face and put on my make up (in a specific order: foundation, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara)

7:00 am
Pour myself a bowl of cereal, (I have had a bowl of cereal every single day for breakfast since I was old enough to chew). Today it was Wheaties.
Sit by the computer as I eat to check email and start a new blog entry

7:20 am
Put cereal bowl and spoon in the dishwasher
Fill up rabbit and chinchilla pellet dishes and timothy hay bowls, fill up finch seeds dish and Jadis' seed dish
Put the chinchilla away (more like chase her around the room until she gives up and runs in her cage)
Brush my teeth and rinse with Listerine
Put Jadis away and grab a coat before closing the door (I won't have to grab a coat much longer, it's getting hot!)
Grab my lunch and a million other things (today I'm taking a stack of scrapbooking papers I don't want anymore so I'm sending them to my mom and sister; two books that I made last night that I'm going to take pictures of to post on my paigebooks website; a cd for Chris' brother Jay for his birthday I need to mail out; a mini album about London that I made to go in the June/July issue of Paper Trends; season 3 of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman because my job is the coolest and we can watch (or rather listen) to movies as we work

7:40 am
Say good bye to everything and head out
Hop in the LandRover and head to work. Usually I take the back road to the freeway instead of going down Center Street which has a 15mph speed limit. Are you kidding me? That's like driving backwards. Not to mention there's a stop light at every corner...
Arrive at American Crafts at 8am on the dot and park on the street, leaving enough room for the mail man to get to the mail box
Today I had to make a stop at Scrapbook Trends just off 800 North to drop off some stuff and mail some stuff out, so I didn't even take the freeway. There's construction going on all over 800 North (and there has been for like two years, they're widening the road). I have to make an illegal left hand turn into the Scrapbook Trends parking lot, it makes me nervous but how else am I supposed to get in there??

8:15 am (usually 8:00 am)
I'm almost always the first person of nine in the design department to arrive at work. The lights are off and the heater/air con is going full blast. In a perfect world I would come in at 7 and leave at 3, but I've been asked to work from 8 until 4 because most people work 9 to 6 and we need those afternoon hours to meet.
Turn on my office lights and sit at my computer to check emails and find inspiration. Yes, one wall of my shared office is RED, so I am one happy girl.

9:00 am
Open Adobe Illustrator and let the creative juices flow. This week we are designing patterned paper for our July release. I've never designed paper before. Then again, I have never designed anything before until I started working here. Now I've busted out buttons, stickers, rub ons and miscellaneous embellishments. It's so fun I can't even describe. I'll have to make another post about my job some day.

11:00 am
We meet as a team Monday mornings once everyone arrives around 9. Usually it only lasts an hour but today we had a lot of catching up to do because our boss just got back from a week in China. Another person's wife just had a baby, another person is pregnant, last week was the start of The we had a lot to talk about. We even spent some time looking at things we've been working on!

11:25 am
Good news from the boss, the project I was working on all last week, store signs for the large chain AC Moore - were approved 100%. No changes or anything needed. Yay!
Continue designing patterned paper

1:oo pm
Eat lunch (bagel with meat and cheese, an apple and three chocolate chip cookies) while surfing the posts on twopeasinabucket
Continue designing patterned paper

4:00 pm
Leave work
Stop off at Scrapbook Trends (again) and do miscellaneous things like sort emails, see if missing things have shown up, send out packages, see if paychecks are in, etc.

5:00 pm
Leave other work and drive home

5:15 pm
Let the chinchilla out
Change into workout clothes and exercise to the "Women's Health 'The Wedding Workout'" video. I probably don't have to play it anymore, I can just do it by memory

6:00 pm
Take a shower and get dressed in scrubs
Cook some sort of pasta (we've got spaghetti, top ramen, egg noodles, bows, macaroni, take your pick). Tonight was spaghetti with Prego sauce.

6:30 pm
Start editing some text, because that's what I do. I'm the Copy Editor of Scrapbook Trends, Cards and Paper Trends. Tonight I'm working on Cards August.

9:00 pm
I edited 3 of 12 sections and they're all due on the 21st. Slow and steady wins the race (or rather, I maintain my sanity by not doing it all in one sitting)
Put the chinchilla away and put the birds to sleep by turning the lights off
Wash my face, brush my teeth, floss, rinse with Listerine, add Duac topical cream
Watch an episode of something with Chris - tonight it's from season 2 of Lois and Clark

10:00 pm
Time to go to sleep

I hope my days aren't too boring!

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