The One with the Decrepit Stairs

Monday, April 28, 2008

We moved into our apartment at the end of April 2007. We noticed then that the stairs were crumbling so we avoided those certain steps and assumed they would get fixed eventually. ONE YEAR LATER the stairs look like this. Notice the sharp rusty nail thing poking out the side... One morning about two weeks ago I got fed up and sent our management a rather intense email. I calculated that they have received over $45,000 in rent over the last year - WAY more than enough to fix the stairs. I also said this was a lawsuit waiting to happen. Would they rather spend a few dollars fixing the stairs or make large payments to an insurance company over an "accidental fall resulting in the slicing of an ankle." The stairs are literally crumbling under our feet... So this evening I came home from work and saw this pile of what looks like new concrete stairs ready to be installed. My ranting and raving worked! It pays to speak up, even though I hate complaining to the landlords. Now I wonder how long it will take for the stairs to actually be installed...

***UPDATE*** The steps were installed the very next day! Way to go Ellsworth Property Management! These stairs are nice and sturdy and I'm not afraid of slicing my foot open.

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  1. How can they say no to a beautiful, yet feisty girl like you? I never could.


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