The One with Paige's Gradation - Part I

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I graduated from high school in June 2003 at Qwest Field/Seahawk Stadium. After all the 'rents and teachers left, we seniors stayed and watched an "illusionist." I didn't buy it for one minute and was actually bored out of my mind. Then we went to GameWorks (an arcade) in Seattle which was pretty cool because we had the whole thing rented out. Then at 1am we boarded a ferry and cruised around the Puget Sound. I am NOT a night person and basically fell asleep in a chair...

Tomorrow, I will graduate from college. I'm so excited because my family is flying in - they're on the airplane as I'm typing this. I haven't seen them since Christmas! And my in-laws are coming in tomorrow so it's going to be one big party. These are my "high school graduation" photos and tomorrow I will post my "college graduation" photos and we can see the difference. Have a "googley" day!

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