The One with Afton, Wyoming

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here we are in beautiful Afton, Wyoming enjoying our annual family reunion. It is SO QUIET here.
There's not another residence within two miles.
The "Reunion Ranch" is very nice - sans all the dead animal heads mounted on the walls.
We were sitting on the porch reading and we kept hearing a little "chirp chirp!" We looked up and saw a baby birdie sitting in a nest. I kept checking on him throughout the night and at about 8pm he was standing outside the nest. At 10pm he was gone. I hope he miraculously grew wings and flew away and didn't fall out...
Surrounded by all these rolling mountains, I sort of have the urge to put on a skirt and run around singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music...."
Here's my nephew Drew playing "cars."
Today we're heading over to Lava Hot Springs to float down a river.

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