The One with the Finished Wall

Thursday, August 7, 2008

You know the expression "out of sight - out of mind"? That's how I feel about most of my scrapbooking supplies. They're all put away in drawers and I never have time to scrapbook on my own. I guess I could make time...but anyways.

So, when I decided what I wanted to do with that "something" I bought in Port Angeles, I got to rummage through all my drawers of stuff and find things that I probably won't ever get to use on scrapbook pages then I stuck them on my wall.

I hung the "something" first then started placing other adornments around it. (I apologize for the low quality pictures - my camera doesn't do so good indoors and I hate using the flash.)
A couple weeks and a whole bunch of glue dots later:
I used chipboard, buttons, stickers, slide mounts, jewels, flowers, metal trinkets, office supplies, old watch faces, ceramic tiles from anthropologie, recycled paper coasters from urban outfitters, a scoring tool, die cuts, magnets, and anything and everything else I thought would look good on the wall.

I'm still deciding whether I like it or not, but that's how it is with most of my home decor projects. Undecided. I'm sure it will grow on me.

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  1. i've never seen anything like this... it is totally cool. it's like scrapbooking your walls, only cooler. i love it... thanks for sharing!


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