The One with Lava Hot Springs

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today we drove out to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho.

This one's for Nicole:
Here is Main Street - pretty happenin'!
You know a motel is seriously outdated when they're advertising COLOR TV! (The sign is hanging on the bottom right.)
We rented 8 tubes to float down the wild Portneuf River.
Before we jumped in, we wanted to see what we were getting ourselves in to. Here are the silhouettes of me, Chris, Jay and Nick overlooking the river.
This waterfall seemed to be the most daunting part of the river. I noticed everyone steered towards the right side and I found out why later.
It didn't look too bad.
Until I saw this group capsize their raft!We went for it anyways. Instead of going off the right side "waterfall" I went left and totally crashed. I scraped my arm and my lower back pretty bad. And I lost my sandals! They floated away never to be seen again. But I still enjoyed the ride enough to do it all again.
I didn't want to risk my life a third time so I volunteered to stay behind and watch my adorable niece Avery.
On the way home I snapped this picture of an empty cottage. I wonder who lived here and when and what they did for a living.
It was a very fun day!


  1. Sounds like a super fun day. I love the photo of the old abandoned homestead. I ask the same questions when I see things like that. Was the family that lived there happy? Did they ever have time to enjoy life? Did they appreciate how beautiful their yard was? We'll never know!

  2. Thank you so much for putting up that awesome picture of Jay for me!! haha..I wish I was there with you guys!! I hope tubing was really fun today! :-) I love your blog!


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