The One with If You've Lost a Pen/You Think You Know Someone

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This one's gonna be picture heavy. I can't help it, I like taking pictures to remember things. Must be the scrapper in me...

Chris and I did something very uncharacteristic yesterday - we went on a walk. Gasp! We're such homebodies. But, I wanted to see where Chris works every morning and I had nothing to do (or at least, nothing I wasn't willing to push back a day or two) so we put on some walkin' shoes and headed out.

I made Chris take me on his exact route that he walks every morning. On the way, I saw the most creative advertisement ever stapled to a telephone pole. Painting on a cupcake tin? Genius! I love how it's rusting and what not.
We passed the one and only J-Dawgs hot dog stand. You should see this place when it's open. Crazy long lines. But the secret sauce covered wieners are so worth the wait. I like the "Y" on the mountain in the background.
This walkway up to BYU campus is pretty new. There used to be a whole bunch of old and decrepit buildings here, but in BYU-style (Deserest Towers anyone??) they bulldozed them and turned the land into grassy knolls.
Here's where the walkway leads.
Chris is a janitor. Hey, it's reputable! He wakes up every morning at 4:30am and walks 20 minutes in the dark to clean the W. W. Clyde building. I've had a picture in my mind about what he does and what it looks like, but today I actually got to see his "stomping ground."
Trash, or art?
Lightbulbs. Or art?
Floor of an elevator? Or art?
The very cart that Chris pushes every morning just so happened to be in the elevator.
This is the biggest room he cleans. I so wish I had brought a tape recorder so I could remember some of the funny things he said. He's all like, "I have a system. The chairs are supposed to go 3-2-3-2-3." And, "I line up the tables straight as a laser." And on and on. A lot of his personality shined through in these few precious moments.
His biggest pet peeve? When people don't push in their chairs.
And then Chris revealed his deepest, most darkest secret to me. He has a pen stash. Boy oh boy he is so proud of his pens. It makes his day when he finds a pen. He stores them on a shelf that's high enough that it's not visible from eye level. However, as his collection has grown, he's had to push them further and further back in the closet so they don't become visible. Oh my goodness he was like a kid on candy showing off his pens. I had no idea. Strange strange boy.
So if you're missing a pen, pencil, highlighter or any other writing instrument from the Clyde building, you may want to talk to my husband. He'll sell it back to you for cheap. Maybe.
Then I started craving some candy so we headed to the Wilkinson Center. Along the way I looked up and saw some beautiful branches.
I'll never tire of seeing the majestic Mt. Timpanogas. Here it is overlooking the HFAC - my "stomping grounds."
We were unnsuccessful getting good candy, so we continued on our walk to where Chris asked me to be his girlfriend 5 years ago, and where he asked me to marry him in November of 2006. On the count of 3: one, two, three, "Awwww!!!"
This is the place.
Next I wanted to go to the top of the SWKT to see the sun setting. We took the elevator up 12 floors (that's as high as we could get without a key) and then took the stairs up as high as we could go. Both of us experienced some vertigo looking down the stairwell.
Alas, the door to the outside was locked so this is the view I got from a hole in the wall. Taint much of a view.
Back on the 12th floor, we tried again to get to some windows, but all of the doors were locked. This was better than nothing though!
Then we walked back home on the second of the only two paths that Chris takes to/from campus.
I could post a whole nother story about the ducks on the south end of campus. They sure have multiplied and replenished over the years.
We passed by the Wash Hut where we (fine, fine, fine, where CHRIS!) does our laundry once a week.
Why does the Wash Hut have barred windows? Cuz everyone wants to break into the laundromat...
So something out of the movies.
And last but not least. Oh the Maplebrook. Our stomping ground. It looks so crappy and ugly from the outside. But don't judge a book (apartment) by it's cover (exterior)!


  1. hey peggy, does your camera make those really faded cool colors or do you do it with photoshop? just curious.

    p.s. you have the funnest blog eva.

  2. Photoshop is my best friend. I discovered Actions a couple weeks ago and I'm afraid I've been going overboard! Trying to find a happy medium :)

  3. Chris, don't worry about it, us custodians have to stick together. And, of course, there is a system to cleaning a room...there just has to be.

  4. I appreciate the support Nate. Janitors of the world, unite! Oh, and so everyone knows, I'm not stealing the pens. It is policy that pens do not go into lost and found. Usually people just keep ones they like and throw away the rest. I got curious to see how many pens people really do lose so I started the collection.

  5. This is one of my favorite posts. I'm still laughing at the pen collection.


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