The One with Incident Management

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saw one of these on the way to work this morning. Just a plain ol' incident management vehicle, right?Until upon further inspection you see the license plate frame:
Haha. If people didn't drive stupid, they'd be out of a job. We saw not one, not two, but three horrendous accidents on the way to the airport to drop my mom off. I just hope no one was hurt.Miss you already Malm!


  1. can i ask why you call your folks malm and dald? just curious. :)

  2. Whelp. It all started a few years ago with my silly younger brother. He just says things sometimes and they stick. So when he started calling our parents "malm" and "dald", we all did. My parents call me "Pailge". Strange, I know, but it is what it is :)

  3. It was windy in that picture! I sure had a great time with you, Pailge!


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