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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chris and I were running some errands today and we noticed that a new store popped up overnight by the mall. It's a "Jared Galleria of Jewelry." I just had to roll my eyes and laugh. Only in Utah, especially the Provo/Orem area would this be normal.You see, in University mall alone, there are already
one twothree (are your fingers sick of scrolling yet?)
four (they just keep coming!)
five (nope, keep going)six (almost there!)SEVEN jewelry stores !
My favorite is when every store in sight is a jewelry store. Fred Meyer is on the left, Zales is in the middle and Kay is on the right. It's like a lot of people get married around here or something...

Having said that, today is the 5th year anniversary of when Chris asked me to be his girlfriend. Awww, presh. But in all seriousness, best five years of my life!


  1. I guess I'm too old to appreciate the tilted photo style, but your expose on the diamond business is very funny. And the thing is, it hasn't changed since I went to BYU. Sure, the stores are all different, but there were diamond stores on every corner.

  2. It is embarrassing, isn't it? Its even worse that it is a Jared's coming in.

    Love your blog header, by the way! I didn't know you had a blog either!


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