The One with the Twilight Partay

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My friend Katie, whom I first met when we worked at Pebbles in My Pocket back in 2003 and who is Marlene's BFF (small world), threw the BEST Twilight partay EVAH last night. These are the deets:

I had to dine and dash (sorry!) at my cousin's 6th birthday dinner at Brick Oven in order to make it to the party by 6. We were supposed to dress in our favorite Twilight gear or as a character from the book or movie and bring a Twilight-related treat. I wore the shirt I screen printed with all of the books on it and brought a Little Caesar's pizza because it's what Edward ate when Bella asked if he could eat human food.

This is what everyone saw as they walked inside. Love it!Marlene made the biggest salad I've ever seen. It's "vegetarian!"
Katie's sister Kendra made a fabulous cake like the cover of the Twilight book.
Katie made "irritable grizzly bear" sugar cookies.
Another play off the book cover. I love me some apples dipped in caramel.
And Emily made these crazy cool wolf cupcakes.
The living room was decked out in red and black. Marlene even brought out her red paintings from her wedding to decorate the walls.
Nothing but the best for us to watch :)
This is the fun group of ladies who came. Props to the gals who went all out dressed up like a character. And I know that my eyes are closed, but what can you do. Not my fiercest moment :)
Next Katie passed out Twilight awards which she made up herself. I was given the Jacob Black award: "You are a very loyal friend. You always have a smile on your face and you are very likeable. You like to tinker with your bikes and cars (scrapbooking and photography). You consider your family like a pack and nothing can break that bond. You love a challenge and you never back down. Your heart belongs to a certain would do anything for that person."
And these are the fantastic necklaces that accompanied the awards.
That's hot.
Then we played "Pin the Kiss on Edward." Lots of spinning was involved and since I don't like taking pictures with the flash, I got a bunch of blurry action shots. Here's Marlene being spun.
And here she is approaching the poster to plant a kiss on Edward.
Close, but no cigar.
Katie being spun.
Close, but no cigar.
Kendra and Alisha pretty much put their kisses on the same spot so they had a "kiss off. "
Alisha won and got a poster of Edward. It's already hanging on her ceiling so she can stare at it 24/7 :)
Then we watched the movie and ate treats. Afterwards we watched some bonus features and chatted 'til way past my bedtime.

We MUST do this again for when New Moon comes out in 242 days.



  2. im so glad you came! we are so doing one for new moon. love ya peggy!


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