The One with Marlene's Last Day

Friday, March 13, 2009

Today was Marlene's last day at American Crafts. She's moving to Omaha to do who knows what...
All lunch breaks should be this fun. We met up at Alisha's Italian villa, I mean apartment, and ate pizza and tons of junk food.
Nichole and Marlene chattin' it up.
Mmmmmm. Pizza.
Love this shot of Nichole. She's too photogenic.
An old co-worker dropped by and took a group picture of the AC gang. Sweet memories.
Without the flash.
With the flash.Then Marlene gave Richard her camera and he chased her around the room taking pictures as she asked for them.
What party would be complete without a little Rock Band?
Don't judge me people. I was about to sing my Linkin Park solo. (ETA: All of these employee portraits were taken by Nichole. Must give credit where credit is due!)
David Page. My boss. I have no words.
Richard (soon to be a daddy!)
The oh-so-talented Ben!
Hot sexy mama Courtney!
Hot sexy mama (for reals!) Jen!
Marlene's got a dang good voice.
Me and "Chain"
Luscious Lindsey (better known as "Kendra's Little Sister" :)
Marlene going out with a BANG!
We'll miss you Marlene!!


  1. We will miss you Marlene! Fun day at AC what what!!!!

  2. aw man! i will miss her too. those where totally cute pics btw.

  3. Paige, those pics are awesome. Especially the ones of everyone by themselves. Those should be the new AC blog pics. Aw man! I'm going to get taken off the AC blog! That sucks! That was a really fun time. I'll miss you guys so much!

  4. I wish I could say I took all of the pictures - but alas, Nichole took most of them. She's got a good eye.

    I hadn't thought about taking you off the blog! And you're the main picture. No one can fill your shoes :)


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