The One with Everywhere I Go, Movies Are Being Made

Friday, November 13, 2009

I have yet to see someone famous since living here (UPDATED: FALSE! I remembered that I saw Aaron Ruell aka Kip from Napoleon Dynamite one of the first Sundays here...), but I think my chances of such an occurrence happening are increasing because everywhere I go in South Pasadena movies are being filmed. I don't know what movies, I don't know how important or insignificant the movie will be, and I don't know who they're starring, I'm too chicken to pull over and ask.

I'd say the reasons for filming here so frequently are pretty clear: "South Pasadena is known for its tree-lined streets, historic California Craftsman-style homes, unique small businesses, and its outstanding public schools. This small town atmosphere makes South Pasadena one of California's most desirable locations. South Pasadena prides itself on its small town character. Less than three and one-half square miles in area, South Pasadena lies between the far larger City of Pasadena, of which it was once part, and the metropolis of Los Angeles. Small, proud and independent, the City of South Pasadena has battled for a hundred years to preserve its status as a distinct—and distinctive—community.

Movies that have been filmed here include Father of the Bride (recognize the house? It's only 2 miles away from our place!),Freaky Friday, The Terminator, Gone with the Wind, Halloween, American Pie, Legally Blonde, 13 Going on 30, Back to the Future, Bruce Almighty, and License to Wed. Notable television series that have been filmed here include Family, Boston Public, Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives, Cold Case, and Bones.

As for my movie sitings, I was on my way to Target this morning and saw some action.
I took Chris to the bus stop a different way than usual this afternoon and ran into more movie trucks. And then on the way home from dropping Chris off at the bus stop, I saw even more movie trucks and action. Three movie set sitings in one day! Crossing my fingers I run into someone famous soon.


  1. gah. i miss home. my heart is on the palm tree-lined streets of pasadena.

    also back to the future was filmed in p-town. :) and many more i'm sure.

  2. Next time you MUST ask what they're filming. Don't be shy. It's important.

  3. wow you're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, and with all the famous people!! I think you should go hunt down the cast of bones, that's one of the best shows ever!! :) too cool that youve seen so many movie sets, i hope you get to see someone famous soon! :)

    I highly recommend the new flyleaf cd, if you like the first one i know youll like to new one too, you have great taste in music!! too awesome that you sang the "im so sick song" during karaoke! :)

    I love Paramore too! Do you like them? I just got their new album few weeks ago too, lol!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. lol welcome to LA baby!
    I grew up here and on a normal day(during highschool), I would see the cast of party of 5 (they filmed at my school).

    When ever I watch movies i'm like "Hey I know where that is!" lol

    Oh... we should go to a game show together :) for real... lets do it :)

  5. Is that the house they also used for Boy Meets World????

  6. crap, it's not.... way to crush my dreams. I totally would have went there when i go out to visit you

  7. Wow, that is pretty crazy to see all those movies. I know that Katy is looking forward to seeing you while she is out there.

  8. i saw the same set up on my way to target too!!!! :)


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