The One with the Holiday Open House Review

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Open House = success! With our powers combined, we put on a pretty good show. Contributors included (left to right): me, Ashley, Merrilee, Jenny, Autumn, Shanell, Carrie, and Lorraine.
Here are Ashley's suuuuuper cute earrings. She also has an etsy shop:
These are Carrie's beautiful frames and hand crocheted hats. They sold like hot cakes!
Here are Autumn's and Autumn's sister's sweet girly accessories.
Plus a few headbands for older girls which are gorgeous!
Shanell's hair accessories are each unique and lovely. I want them all for my hair, my clothes, my purse, my Christmas packaging, so on and so forth.
She had a super cute way to display them!
Here's my booth complete with a pom pom snowflake hanger thingy, handmade cards, calendars, handbound books, peanut butter Hershy kisses cookies, holiday magazines, and paper stars. Random stuff I know.
Christmas music was playing, a (pink!) Christmas tree was in the corner, and the treats put us all in a festive mood. If only it felt like Christmas outside. Driving to work with the air conditioning on is quite a change from every Christmas season I've had since I was 10. But who's complaining? Not me! I love wearing shorts and t-shirts in late November!
These are Jordan's cute aprons. She couldn't be at the open house, but she was there in spirit!
Here is Merrilee's professional booth. She also has an etsy shop: I traded her a calendar for one of her amazing prints which will go on my wall of art ASAP.
Next up is Jenny's booth. Jenny has the coolest sewing/embroidery machine in the world and can make all kinds of custom t-shirts and onesies and stockings. Look for a post of her radical living room soon!
Jenny just signed up for an etsy shop with a fantastic name:
Last but certainly not least, Lorraine's adorable sewn bags, onesies, burp cloths, cards, and more.
With everything set up cute and nice it really looked like a boutique! And I loved how each booth had different things. Very inspiring.
Desserts at 10am in the morning, yum :)
I hope we can make a tradition out of this because it was F-U-N!


  1. It looks like it was a blast... I am so happy for you!

    I am coming out for the next one!

    PS. totally jealous you know Merrilee. i have loved her work for a long long time.

  2. So fun! I would have LOVED to be there!

  3. It looks SO fun...I love stuff like this!! =)

  4. Have another one in the Spring and I'll come down for it!

  5. i hope you'll do another! i wish i could've come! :(

  6. you guys are so talented! way cute stuff.

  7. Hey there, I'm a friend of Lyndsey and the Pasadena girls. I just left Pasadena 2 months ago to move to Texas! (and I know Shanell too :)) Anyway, great looking show!! Love the way you displayed it all, especially the aprons in the window. And VERY funny, I was just thinking of making a pom-pom-ish snow type thing the other day. I was going to use felt. But pom-poms are brilliant!
    Fun to find your blog. Hope you're enjoying south pas. :)
    - dana
    from MADE

  8. Love seeing entrepreneurial and creative women! You go, girls!

  9. There are definitely a lot of talented girls in South Pas! We just left there in June... found your blog on Ashley Kuch's... VERY FUN!


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