The One with the Reality TV Dilemmas

Thursday, November 12, 2009

There are six shows I watch religiously.

Biggest Loser
America's Next Top Model
Project Runway
The Office
LOST (can January come any faster??)

If for some reason I can't watch any episode live, there's this wonderful thing called the World Wide Web that allows me to watch what I've missed anytime I want. Who needs TiVo? :) Half of the shows I watch are reality shows. What can I say, they're addicting.

Supernatural is going great so far. It give me my "X-Files" style fix. The Office is funny as usual.And I'm still sitting and waiting patiently (or not so patiently) until January for LOST to start.
Meanwhile, it's the reality tv shows I'm having dilemmas with. On the Biggest Loser, I have NO IDEA who I want to win! I really like the "pink ladies" Amanda,and Rebecca.I really like Abby but she sacrificed herself so Amanda could stay. Abby's story is so inspirational. She had a five-year-old red haired cute daughter, an amazing husband, and a two week old baby boy. They were all killed in a car crash when some guy going 100mph crashed into them. Sooooo sad. But Abby said she accomplished what she came for - she learned to open her heart and love again. I hope she wins the stay-at-home biggest loser prize.

Project Runway - I am torn between who I want to win! I dig all the final contestants. Irina's stuff is super radical - but she's so mean that something she said ended up in Entertainment Weekly's "Sound Bites". The contestants call her Meana Irina. Besides her attitude, her stuff rocks.Carol Hannah is so cute and I would wear everything she makes.
Althea also makes totally wearable stuff. I love it all.
I'm torn. I'm absolutely torn. I'll be happy with whoever wins.

Meanwhile, for the first time in America's Next Top Model history (and it's been on for like seven YEARS), I am rooting for BOTH finalists. This is Cycle 13 and the theme is Petite Models - they're all under 5'7". I really like Nicole. She's 18 and from Louisville, Colorado. She's awkward, socially inept, and totally gorgeous.
I really like Laura. She's 19 from Stanford, Kentucky and she's got the accent and personality of a Southern Girl to boot.I've digged them both from the beginning and I'm so happy they're the two finalists! I feel like so many times in ANTM my faves have been kicked off early or they lost the final battle. Honestly and truly, I will be 100% happy with whoever wins. It's a good feeling, one I've never felt before with this silly yet addicting show. Entire seasons air every Saturday on Oxygen from 8am to 8pm. I love having it on in the background while I'm cleaning/working.

I watch too much TV.


  1. im rooting for nicole. but i agree, i like em both. so where online do you watch your shows?

  2. Katie - I watch them on Hulu or on the network website (NBC, CWTV, ABC, Lifetime, etc.)

  3. haha i love it that you watch shows online like me :) i do it all the time...i always watch MTV shows online and always the biggest loser online! the biggest loser i love! i love love love abby. i really hope she wins...hate hate hate tracy. :) abby is such an inspiration!

  4. Oh, Paige, I have a confession - this is the first cycle of ANTM that I haven't seen a single second of. I've been trying to cut down on TV consumption, and that was the last one to go before I could cut no more. Now it's How I Met Your Mother, The Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, The Office, and 30 Rock.

    Don't tell Alisha! :)

  5. Oh good. I've been wondering when LOST came on again. I need to know what happens...bad!

  6. I love the office. And also project runaway, two shows I watch religiously. I love hope Carol Hannah wins!

  7. I watch all my fav's online too ( and b/c you can't access the network stations online if you have a Canadian IP address or something.) My dilemma is that my fav's all line up on one night.

    and I am waiting patiently for Lost by re-watching all the previous episodes in the hopes that I might have a clue about what's going on.

  8. Hey so I wanted to comment on Biggest Looser!! I was soooo rooting for Shay to stay! I know u wrote you love Amanda but I just wanted them both to stay. SHAY needs to loose more weight! And I liked Daniel too! Sad :(

  9. Okay I am a total ANTM fan too and since we don't have TV I watch mine on utube every week! And I am in the same boat as you! I LOVED both Nicole and Laura from the jumpstart and am SO glad that they both got into the finals! They are both so beautiful in such different ways. Although I do like them both I am really pulling for Laura to come out and shine her mighty stuff, but they both will go far I think!

    Happy weekend girl!

  10. LOVE your banner! it's so adorable! and LUCKY YOU to have that many photos of you together! we need to take MORE! we maybe have about 15 photos of us together from the last 12 years....
    I LOVE THE BIGGEST LOSER so much! I love Abby toO! but I also really liked Shay, she has overcome alot in her life and my heart goes out to her's an awesome show! I used to watch Project Runway, but then I started to watch too many shows and gave it up! we love Tim Gunn thougH!!!


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