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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've been procrastinating going to the DMV for good reason. I arrived at 7:45am and the line was already a block long. Once it opened at 8 I got inside the building pretty quickly and got called up to a window pretty quickly too; niiice. I handed my paperwork to the mysterious man behind the glass and he said, "Now you need to do this and that and this and that, give me $291, then come back when you've done all that stuff." Perhaps I shouldn't have procrastinated so much cuz they tacked on some hefty late registration fees. But the good news is I passed my written driver's test with flying colors (I was very worried I'd fail since I didn't study much at all) and my new California driver's license will arrive in 4-6 WEEKS. I thought he was gonna say 4-6 days. Haha. Then after driving all over town trying to find a smog check place (and coughing up another $50, just "put it on my tab"), and after getting the car inspected, and after waiting in line again, I was handed over a flashy set of license plates. I left the building at 10:45am. Three hours later. Not too shabby. I had been warned.

Bye bye Utah! It was good while it lasted!Hello California! So far so good!
Now all I need is a good tan and beach blond hair :)


  1. woot! congratulations :) you're so official.

  2. Just don't get a ticket. Those are at least $200-$300 and traffic school is 8 hours long. No joke. I used to just take the points on my record because I didn't want to do traffic school. It's pretty crazy. And whatever you do, don't drive in the carpool lane by yourself or cross those double yellow lines. They take it way more seriously than Utah's sorry excuse for carpool lane reinforcement. They are serious! Oh yea! Congrats! on the new license!

  3. You'll always be a Washingtonian in my eyes.

  4. I really wish we had Colorado plates. They're my favorite :)


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