The One with Abandoned Cars

Monday, March 22, 2010

I forgot to add these last two pictures to the end of yesterday's post, but that's okay, it gives me something to blog about today :)

As we were driving home on the 710 we were almost to the end of the freeway and stuck in traffic. (What else is new?) I glanced over to the other side of the freeway and noticed that the cars were stopped. And they were spaced evenly apart, not bumper to bumper like regular traffic. And there weren't any people in the cars. And there weren't any cops or firetrucks or ambulances. What the heck was going on?
I was kinda freaked out, I'm not gonna lie - I was thinking a Happening moment was going down and it was the end of the world (which is just like me to jump to the worst possible and utterly impossible scenario).
We drove a little further and figured out what was going on. THEY'RE MAKING A MOVIE! There were tons of people, campers, RVs, trucks, and movie set paraphernalia at the end of the abandoned cars. So THAT'S how car chase scenes are made. Now I'm on the lookout for a movie with a high-speed-freeway-car-chase-scene and I'll be like, I so saw that getting filmed.


  1. Wow. The logistics of setting things like that up blow my mind.

  2. It was spooky. Seeing all these empty, abandoned cars...twilight zone style!

  3. i would be a little nervous too , lol. how cool was that, filming a movie :)

  4. I have news for you Paige, You could watch just about any movie and see a car chase...they take up a lot of time! Love, Mom Evans

  5. hey cool!
    thanks for sharing! who knows, maybe youre in a shot :)

  6. That is too funny! And I would have been TOTALLY freaked out too! LOL. Jeremy said people get in the cars and drive like 5mph, while the actual "chase cars" go super fast. LOL.

    When we were in NYC, there was a movie being filmed RIGHT outside our apartment. We were up in a very top floor, looking down and watching. They had these SUPER bright lights and fake rain and stuff... going on till 2am. ACK. I was frustrated at the time, but then...

    We went to the movies to see Definitely, Maybe, and this scene comes on, and I knew RIGHT AWAY that I had seen that scene a year previous! It was the same scene we had watched from the apartment.

    I was such a dork... it took me by surprise, and I stood up and yelled (TOTALLY forgetting where I was... tee hee), "HEY! We saw this filmed! This is the movie! While we were in NYC! THIS IS IT! YAY!"

    I'm pretty sure people thought I was nuts. And Jeremy had to be like, "Umm... Reyanna. Shhhh! We're in a movie! Sit down and be quiet! I know we saw it, but SHHHHH!" I was kinda embarrassed, but I just totally lost all sense of place or time. LOL. Anywho... that's my embarrassing story for the day, AND my little tidbit on seeing a movie being made. LOL.

  7. So i just had to leave a comment about this, I noticed you said 'THE' 710, instead of highway 710 or I710 like everyone else would say...well when we moved to Arizona, we noticed in Phoenix they do the samething when refering to there freeways, they call there freeways the 101 or the 202 instead of saying highway 101 etc...anyways I always thought it was pretty funny, i had also heard they do the same thing in California...just kinda funny that you said it and random!


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