The One with the Huntington Beach Dog Park

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This post is going to be mostly about Joey, so I want to share a picture of dear Rachel first. Let's not forget about the cutest, fattest furball on earth.

Yesterday after we cleaned cages and the apartment (it's a weekly 4-hour ordeal that goes so much better when we have a goal in mind - something to look forward to as we work, such as a trip to the beach) we loaded Joey, his food, his water, and his bed in the car. He was all smiles and excited for the adventure.

First we made a pit stop at Target. Had to get my hot little hands on a copy of New Moon!

Then we drove down to Manhattan Beach and got lunch at Cafe Rio. It never gets old.

Three of my favorite things in one picture: my husband, my dog, and Cafe Rio pork burritos.

Then we made our way to the Huntington Beach Dog Park.

Joey was so happy to see hundreds of other dogs, but we had to keep him on his leash cuz he doesn't come when we call him. We're working on it.

Joey's first steps on sand. Bliss.

Turns out Joey does NOT like water.

We tried coaxing him into the ocean but he wasn't having it and pulled as hard as he could in the opposite direction.

I guess we shouldn't have expected anything less. He HATES getting baths and whenever we take him on walks and there are puddles of water he goes out of his way to walk around them. Wussy dog. I guess it's part of this breed's nature to want to stay clean and pristine. It's a good thing I s'pose.

There were just as many doggie footprints in the sand as human.

Shoulda got Joey's little paws in this picture too, that would have been precious.

I liked the aqua colored lifeguard towers along the beach.

So did Joey.

Looks like rain but it's just a receding wave.

We saw a little dog carrying a pack on his back - where do we get one!? I want Joey to carry around my water and snacks - how handy.

It was a super fun afternoon at the beach. Hopefully next time we go we'll be able to let Joey run around and mingle with the other dogz as he pleases.


  1. How fun! You're not the only one who can't get their dog to come back to them. We have that trouble with our dog and he's even a year old. I'm guessing it's the beagle in him. He loves to sniff EVERYTHING! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Now I want to go to the beach!

  2. yay, new moon on dvd!
    i watched it 1.5 times this wknd.
    can't wait for eclipse!

  3. i LOVE the last picture of Joey! He looks like one happy dog.

  4. So fun! I love all the pictures.

    We have a pack for our dog. I think I bought it at REI? I love making her carry stuff!

  5. What a GORGEOUS dog!!!!! Funny about the water!!!

  6. he's getting so big! And it looks like you guys are having a grand 'ole time! Love the LO below too! Your creativity kills me! :)

  7. Silly Joey. Why don't you like swimming, pup? Oh well. We'll just have to take Rachel to the Cat Beach next Saturday and see if she likes the water any better than Joey.

  8. Cute kitty. And Joey is adorable. I love his smile. Yay for Cafe Rio! I wish they would put one in Washington..I would defiantly move back. hehe.

  9. FUN!!! I was hoping to see my uncle, cousin and their dog, Gracie, in the background because they LOVE that beach, and they take Gracie there ALL the time! :-D She's a chocolate lab... such a sweetie. (I named her! Tee hee.)

    Looks like you guys had a blast! And that photo of the lifeguard station is SO cool... love the color AND it has my favorite number (and age) written right on it! YEAH! :-D I may need that framed. :-D

    I saw that Rachel said you could get the dog pack at REI. I'm almost positive you can get them there! And that one, I think, is Mountain Hardware brand... great brand! Sturdy! Good luck! I had to giggle when you said, "make Joey carry my stuff." LOL.

    Alright, my novel of a comment is over. Have a fabulous week, Lovely! :-D

  10. Great pics... looks like it was a perfect day! I laughed out loud about your last post and thinking the worst when seeing all of those cars... sounds like me! I jump to the worst possible conclusion. Good thing I have Michael around to calm me down! :)

  11. My daughter Sarah was looking at these pictures with me and she thinks your Joey is pretty much the cutest puppy she's ever seen :-) I have to agree!

  12. buster & bamboo dislike the water too. but they love the beach!! maybe we can all meet up down there sometime. the little munchkins would love to meet joey!


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